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Postpartum Hair Loss: How To Deal With Hair Fall Post-Pregnancy
Hair loss is a common problem faced by women post-pregnancy. During pregnancy, hormones like estrogen, oxytocin, progesterone and prolactin spikes in the body, helping to make hair thick and healthy. However, after delivery, the level of these hormones, except prolactin, lowers ...
When Is The Right Time To Have Intercourse After Childbirth?
Sex after pregnancy is as important to women as it was before pregnancy. But often, it becomes a stressful situation for women due to postpartum changes in their bodies, such as pain, vaginal dryness, bleeding and soreness. Having physical problems and ...
Whats The Right Time To Have Intercourse After Childbirth
Not Just Moms: Dads Suffer From Postpartum Depression, Too!
It's true that postpartum depression or PPD is something that is still mostly associated with mothers and their state of mental well-being after a new baby arrives home. Researches indicate that 1 in 5 new mothers suffer from severe depression or ...
Not Just Moms Dads Suffer From Postpartum Depression Too
Postpartum Depression And Things That Can Cause It
Postpartum depression is a behavioural problem seen in women after they give birth. It is very common and is seen in more than 1 in 8 women. The symptoms include a feeling of helplessness and sadness. The woman may not feel ...
10 Natural Ways To Treat Postpartum Depression
It is estimated that around 70-80 percent of all new mothers experience some kind of negative feelings after the birth of their child. This is known as postpartum depression, which is very common among most women who experience severe mood ...
Natural Ways Treat Postpartum Depression
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