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What Happens If You Swallow Chewing Gum?

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Have you ever swallowed a chewing gum accidentally? Well, most of us are raised by parents who warned against swallowing a gum.

Generally, we fear that the chewing gum gets stuck inside the stomach and never comes out. Is that the only reason why we shouldn't swallow?

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Though the sticking part is not really true, swallowing a gum is still dangerous to your health. Well, let us look at what happens inside your body if you swallow a gum.


Firstly What Does A Chewing Gum Contain?

It contains a base, colours, sugar or sweeteners, fragrances, fats, resins, wax, elastomers, and emulsifiers.


What Does The Liver Do?

Chewing gums contain colours, preservatives and certain other additives. Your liver first works on removing those harmful substances to eliminate them before an allergy occurs.

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What Happens In The Stomach?

When it reaches your stomach, the acid in your stomach (hydro chloric acid) separates certain ingredients used in the gum. Generally sugar, softeners like glycerine and flavoring agents like peppermint oil will be separated.


When It Reaches The Intestines...

Once it reaches the intestines, it will be out of your system. It takes your body nearly 25-26 hours to eliminate the chewing gum from your system.


What Happens If Your Body Fails To Eliminate It Within A Day?

Consult a doctor especially if your body temperature increases above the normal. Even your blood pressure may also rise if your body finds it tough to handle the gum.

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Chewing gum and its harmful effects | जानिए कितना खतरनाक है च्युइंग गम चबाना

What Other Symptoms Show Up?

Diarrhea, vomiting and nausea are some signs your body is trying to get rid of the gum. Some people may also experience rash and itching sensation. The ingredients in the gum could cause certain allergic reactions. Therefore, consult a doctor if your body fails to cope up with the reactions.

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