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Top Symptoms Of Calcium Deficiency In The Body

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Calcium is one of the most vital nutrients that is required by the body. It has been found that around 99% of calcium is stored in your teeth and bones, while the rest is found in muscles, blood and tissues.

The human body requires this mineral in order to carry out a variety of important functions, especially sending messages through the nervous system.

symptoms of calcium deficiency

Calcium deficiency is common among children as well as post-menopausal and elderly women. This may occur due to the less amount of calcium being included in the daily diet. Other factors include ageing, hormonal changes and low Vitamin D levels.

People tend to ignore these symptoms of calcium deficiency, until the problem gets out of control. It is important to address this problem as early as possible, as it may help eliminate all kinds of consequences in the future. This article will help you in finding out the top signs and symptoms of calcium deficiency.

In order to reduce its risk, it is also important to consume foods that are rich in calcium. Continue reading this article in order to know more about the symptoms and signs of calcium deficiency in the body.


1. Weak Bones:

Inadequate calcium in the body can affect the health of the bones, as this mineral is required to build your bones and keep them strong.


2. Muscle Cramps And Aches:

Muscle cramps and aches indicate lack of sufficient calcium. It may result in your nerve cells becoming extra-sensitive, thus leading to muscle cramps. This is one of the top symptoms of calcium deficiency.


3. Frequent Illness:

Calcium helps the body maintain a healthy immune system and it helps fight against viruses, yeast, fungi and bacteria. Those deficient in calcium are more likely to suffer from cold and infections.


4. Weak Teeth:

Calcium is one of the major constituents of teeth and its deficiency may lead to defective and weak teeth.


5. Premenstrual Syndrome Symptoms:

Calcium helps with the cystic fluctuations during your menstrual cycle and this assists in reducing the severity of premenstrual syndrome. Hence, lack of calcium can trigger PMS problems. This is one of the major signs of calcium deficiency.


6. Difficulty In Losing Weight:

Lack of calcium in the daily diet can actually hinder your weight loss goals. This is because calcium plays an important role in the regulation of energy metabolism and it can increase your weight loss process.


7. Constant Sleep Issues:

When calcium gets reduced in your body, it hampers with the production of melatonin that acts as a natural relaxant and helps induce sleep. So, lack of calcium could make you suffer from sleep-related disorders.


8. Delayed Puberty In Adolescent Girls:

Girls who lack calcium in their body from early childhood may experience delayed puberty. It may also result in menstrual problems like severe menstrual cramping and irregular periods.

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Story first published: Saturday, February 18, 2017, 16:30 [IST]
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