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Teratoma: Types, Symptoms, Causes, Diagnosis And Treatment
Teratoma is a very rare type of tumour which is made up of three different germ cell layers (an embryonic cell); endoderm, mesoderm and ectoderm. In simple terms, it is a mixed tumour made up of different types of tissues like ...
Teratoma Types Symptoms Causes Treatment

What Happens In Your Body When A Bone Breaks?
Just the idea of a bone breaking in your body can give you a jittery feeling. No one likes to fracture a bone but it is quite a common occurrence and is set to take its own due course to get ...
What Happens In Your Body When A Bone Breaks
What Causes Pubic Bone Pain During Pregnancy?
One of the common occurrences during pregnancy is the pubic bone pain. This condition is referred to as ‘Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction' or SPD. This usually occurs during the later period of the pregnancy, when a woman is far along into her ...
10 Home Remedies For Bone Problems
Researchers recently found a six-inch skeleton that had led to a speculation that it was an alien. But later it was revealed that the skeleton is of a human. Shocked right? Further research states that, the skeleton belonged to an infant ...
Home Remedies For Bone Problems
8 Health Benefits Of Sesame Oil
Sesame oil is extracted from sesame seeds. Sesamum indicum is the scientific name given for sesame seeds and is one of the oils which is used since ancient lore.The use of sesame seeds dates back to the ancient Egyptian era around ...
Deficiency Of Vitamin K Can Cause These Serious Health Issues
Like all the other nutrients such as vitamin A, vitamin D, vitamin C, carbohydrate, protein, etc., vitamin K also holds a significant position in our body. Vitamin K plays an important role in coagulation, commonly known as blood clotting. Blood clotting ...
Vitamin K Deficiency And Health Problems
Natural Ways To Boost The Immune System
Have you ever wondered if there is a natural way to boost the immune system? It's all about making our immune system work correctly. The immune system needs to fight off the pathogens that can make us fall ill like viruses, ...
Just A Minute's Running Daily May Boost Bone Health, Study
Want to improve your bone health? Running -- a high-intensity and weight-bearing physical activity -- for just one to two minutes each day may help you, new research shows.The findings showed that women who on an average did 60-120 seconds of ...
Just A Minutes Running Daily May Boost Bone Health
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