Things You Should Never Do On An Empty Stomach

You are what you eat! Yes, that's a pretty well-known fact. But what we do before a meal and when we eat a meal is also very important.

Most of us have a daily routine to follow when the alarm clock goes off in the morning.

Whether it's turning on the coffee pot, going for a morning run or rushing to get ready for work, there are certain things that you must avoid doing on an empty stomach.

things you should never do on an empty stomach

You need to give yourself some extra minutes in the morning, before leaving the house.

Ensure that you do not do this list of things right in the morning on an empty stomach.

Read this article further to know about the things you should never do on an empty stomach.

1. Taking Anti-Inflammatory Medication:

Anti-inflammatory drugs can't be taken on an empty stomach, as it can cause serious health problems. This can cause serious issues like gastric bleeding and the effectiveness of the medicine can also get reduced.

2. Drinking Coffee:

Drinking coffee on an empty stomach stimulates the production of acid that can cause heartburn and other digestive tract issues. Drinking coffee is one of the things to avoid on an empty stomach.

3. Drinking Alcohol:

The alcohol absorption rate increases by 2%, if you have it without eating anything. The alcohol breakdown slows down after this and provokes a serious hangover. This is one of the things you should never do on an empty stomach.

4. Chewing Gum:

The digestive acid that is produced by chewing a gum would destroy the lining of an empty stomach. This can lead to gastritis. This is one of the worst things to do on an empty stomach.

5. Going To Bed:

Hunger and low glucose levels can prevent us from falling asleep. The irony is, lack of sleep also increases the hunger hormones.

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