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How Does Your Oral Health Affect Your Overall Health?
Growing up, one of the most important habits taught to all of us is brushing your teeth. Healthy teeth are critical and also central to your overall health. Brushing, flossing and rinsing are the ABCs of oral health and let me ...
Things You Should Never Do On An Empty Stomach
You are what you eat! Yes, that's a pretty well-known fact. But what we do before a meal and when we eat a meal is also very important. Most of us have a daily routine to follow when the alarm clock ...
Things You Should Never Do On An Empty Stomach
Did You Know That Green Tea Is Good For Your Teeth & Gums?
Almost all of us are very familiar with the term "Green Tea". It is the new sensation in the health and wellness industry because of its amazing health benefits. It has become a highly popular health drink that is routinely consumed ...
These Remedies Can Kill Gum Pain
Gum pain can make life miserable! When you are suffering from terrible pain, all you need is instant relief. Even before you find the time to go to a doctor, you would want to do something to reduce the pain. Also ...
These Remedies Can Kill Gum Pain
Weird Reasons Why Your Gums Are Bleeding
If you ignore your dental health, bleeding gums may occur. But in some cases, it may occur even in those who take good care of their teeth. Well, there are other reasons for bleeding gums. Also Read: Powerful Foods That Reduce ...
Top 5 Vitamins For Healthy Teeth And Gums
A healthy gum not only increases the beauty of your smile, but also indicates a good oral health. Mouth serves as a gateway to our body. If it is unhealthy, it affects our body too. Therefore, it is essential to take ...
Top Five Vitamins For Health Health And Gums
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