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Things All Women Should Know About Their Skin's Health

Did you know that your skin is constantly reinventing itself? The outer layer is known to regenerate itself every month. The skin is the biggest body organ and it has to be kept in perfect shape, as it has important functions to do.

It protects you from pathogens, certain harmful elements as well as everyday bumps and falls.

This means that you need to give the right kind of nutrients for your skin as well as take a good care of your skin. You need to slather it with sunscreen as well as check out for suspicious spots.

women's skin health

There are some healthy habits that you need to adopt in order to keep your skin soft, smooth and gorgeous.

You know that it is not possible to stop the natural ageing process, but we can definitely slow down skin ageing.

There are two types of skin ageing, namely intrinsic and extrinsic. Intrinsic ageing is controlled by the genes, where as extrinsic ageing is caused by environmental factors.

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In this article, we have written on all that you need to know about your skin, especially for women. Read further to know about women's skin care health.

1. Know Your Skin Layer By Layer:

In order to keep your skin healthy, you need to know about the different layers of the skin. They are the epidermis, dermis, subcutaneous fat, sebaceous gland, blood vessel, hair follicles, sweat glands and nerves.

2. Wrinkles Can Indicate Certain Issues:

If you have deep creases on your skin, then this indicates a higher risk of developing bone density post menopause. Women with saggier skin are known to have higher blood pressure. This forms the top priority of women's skin health.

3. Get Your Moles Checked:

If you find a newly emerged mole or growth on your skin, then it is important to get it checked. Moles can also be a sign of melanoma. You also need to look out for a pimple or ingrown hair that doesn't go away in three weeks.

4. Take Care Of The Spots On Skin:

If you're not happy with freckles, sunspots or other rashes or patches on the skin, then you need to take treatment to get rid of these and fade the spots overtime.

5. Your Acne Can Get Worse With Age:

The imbalance in your hormones as you grow older can make your oil glands go into a toss. This can lead to extreme breakouts on your skin.

6. Making Smart Food Choices Can Give Better Skin:

Some foods can prevent UV damage, some other foods can cause problems to your skin. You must make some smart swaps like replacing blended coffee drinks with iced coffee. Instead of grilled steak, you can eat salmon and instead of loads of citrus fruits, you can go for salmon.

7. You Sweat For A Reason:

Sweating generally occurs to regulate the body temperature and this can also give rise to skin conditions. But if you find yourself sweating excessively for no apparent reason, then you need to get yourself checked.

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    Story first published: Friday, July 21, 2017, 18:44 [IST]
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