7 Simple Tricks To Help You Pass Stools Easily In The Morning!

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You are already late for work and you are still sitting on your toilet seat, trying to pass stools with great difficulty! Well, it would make you extremely late for work, right?

Many people do experience situations like the above, on a daily basis, as they may not be able to go to the toilet with ease in the morning.

When a person does not pass stools in the mornings, it may make him/her feel extremely uncomfortable throughout the day, causing smelly gas, bloating and indigestion.

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In fact, doctors have said that going to the toilet first thing in the morning is an extremely healthy habit, as it allows all the toxins and waste stored in your intestines, from the previous day, to get expelled out.

If you do not pass stools in the morning, there are more chances of your blood streaming absorbing the toxins and causing disorders.

So, if you have difficulties passing stools in the morning, follow these tips.


1. Use A Squatting Toilet Seater

Instead of going to the toilet in a commode, you can use the Indian style toilet, or buy a squatting toilet seat. When you squat, your intestines get aligned in such a way that the passage of stools is made easier.


2. Exercise

Here is another good reason to exercise early in the morning, as physical activity can stimulate the intestines to expel out the waste more quickly.


3. Consume Probiotics

If you consume probiotics like curd at night, the good bacteria enables your intestines to be more lubricated, thus helping in making your bowel movement easier in the morning.

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4. Take Magnesium Supplements

If you are suffering from hard stools or constipation, you can talk to your doctor about taking a magnesium supplement, as this mineral can help soften your stools.


5. Avoid Unhealthy Carbohydrates

If you consume unhealthy carbs like chips, pasta, etc., it can affect your digestive system negatively and your bowel movement becomes slower, thus causing difficulty passing toilet in the morning.

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6. Stand Often

If you have a desk-bound job, it may lead to your bowel movement becoming slower and cause constipation, so you must stand and move more often!


7. Drink Lemon Water

Drinking a glass of warm water with lemon in the morning can also help you pass stools with ease, as the vitamin C in lemon can help soften your stools.

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