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What Is The Right Position To Sleep To Address Each Of These Health Problems

By Sravia Sivaram

The most important thing when it comes to maintaining overall health is sleeping at the right time and for the right number of hours. A human being must sleep at least for 7-9 hours each night to maintain good health.

Apart from sleeping, you must also make sure that you also sleep in the right position. This helps in improving your overall health.

In case you have some trouble sleeping and related health problems, then you need to go through this article to know about the best sleeping positions that you need to adopt for certain health problems.

There is a right position that you need to follow for some health issues. Following these will help with countering the problem and also reduce the associated health risk involved.

If you want some conditions healed, then you need to take a note on the way in which you must sleep. The right sleeping position can help alleviate certain health problems.

In this article, we have mentioned about some of the best sleeping positions for health. Read further to know about it.


1. Heartburn:

Heartburn is definitely a very disturbing condition that can affect anybody. The best way to treat this condition is sleeping on the left side. This is considered the best sleeping position for heartburn.


2. Digestion Trouble:

For better digestion, it is recommended that you sleep on the left side. Sleeping on this side helps the gravity to aid the digestive problem. This is the best sleeping position for digestion.


3. Neck Pain:

Giving an additional neck support actually helps in alleviating neck pain. Take a small rolled up towel and place it under your pillowcase.


4. PMS Pain:

If you have painful PMS, then tweaking your sleeping position helps in fixing this problem. Try placing a pillow below your knees, so that you can treat the knee ache. It is considered as the best sleeping position for PMS.


5. High Blood Pressure:

For combating high blood pressure, it is recommended to sleep down on your face. This helps in lowering blood pressure effectively. This is one of the best sleeping positions for high blood pressure.


6. Sinus Trouble:

Sinus infection can be positively affected by the way in which you sleep. Sleeping with an elevated head can obstruct the mucus from pooling in the sinus.


7. Headaches:

The way you sleep can either relieve your headache or make it worse. Most of the headaches result from a twisted neck while you're sleeping. Surround your head with pillows, so that you don't twist your head much.


8. Back Pain:

Lying on your back and placing a pillow under the knee and having a rolled up towel under the curve of your back will help.


9. Shoulder Pain:

In order to treat shoulder pain, it is recommended to sleep on your pain-free side. Also, bend your legs a little. Further, hold a pillow towards your chest or place it in between the knees.

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Story first published: Friday, July 28, 2017, 15:16 [IST]