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Reasons To Put Essential Oil On The Bottom Of Your Feet

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Have you ever wondered why you need to rub essential oils on the soles of your feet. This practice has been gaining popularity in the recent times, as it is often combined with foot reflexology.

While using therapeutic essential oils, there are at least several important benefits that you can gain out of it. This article will let you know where to apply essential oils on the body.

rubbing essential oils on bottom of feet

In this article, we have listed some of the top benefits of rubbing essential oils on the bottom of the feet.

Essential oils are beneficial for the body in many ways and they do serve different health and beauty purposes. The best area where essential oil can be applied is on the foot.

The bottoms of the feet are one of the strongest places of the body, as the feet support the entire weight of the body for several hours a day.

The skin on the soles is less sensitive than the skin on the rest of the body, allowing us to use the essential oils even better.

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So, continue reading this article to know about the benefits of rubbing essential oils on the bottom of the feet.


1. Oils Are Delivered Faster When Applied At The Bottom Of The Feet:

The pores are thicker at the bottom of the feet and the legs act like straws sucking up the oils into the bloodstream. When applied on the foot, the oil can be present in every cell of the body in 20 minutes.


2. The Soles Of The Feet Do Not Contain Sebaceous Gland:

Sebum is an oily substance and shields the body from absorbing anything. However, the soles do not secrete sebum and they are more ready to absorb oils. Hence, this is the best place to rub essential oils.


3. Reflexology:

Every nerve line in the body ends in the feet. Hence, if we apply oils to our feet, it benefits several other organs like the brain, eyes, stomach, chest as well as the digestive system.


4. Less Irritation And Sensitivities:

Applying oils on the legs is associated with a lower risk of skin irritation and sensitivities. This is because the skin on the soles of the feet is less sensitive.


5. Bypass The Liver:

While applying oil on the feet, the oil will be bypassing the liver and will not accumulate there. Hence, instead of being processed by the liver, the oils reach the bronchial capillaries. This is one of the top benefits of applying essential oils on the feet.

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