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Milk Contamination: After Reading This, You Won't Buy Milk From Unreliable Places!!

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Milk is among the most nutritious foods. That is why you add it to your daily diet. But what if the milk you are consuming regularly isn't milk at all?

What if it is contaminated? Well, unless you can get organic milk in your area, you cannot totally rely on the milk.

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Highly reputed milk suppliers can be relied upon. But other sources are doubtful as there is adultery happening in milk supply. Read on to know more...


Fact #1

Some reports suggest that milk sold in some areas is contaminated. Around 60% of the people living in urban areas are being supplied milk which isn't really milk at all.


Fact #2

65% of milk supply in this country is said to be contaminated. How shocking is that?

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Fact #3

What are the contaminants? Well, white paint or detergent! And in some cases, certain other chemicals are mixed in water to obtain white coloured fluid that looks exactly like milk!


Fact #4

If only water is added to dilute milk, you might think it is harmless. But what if the water is contaminated?


Fact #5

Some unethical milk suppliers add detergent, caustic soda, dioxin, hydrogen peroxide, fertilizers or sweeteners just to increase the volume and obtain the taste of milk.

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Fact #6

In some cases, it isn't the mistake of the supplier. When cows randomly eat waste material, trash that contains chemicals or other toxic materials, those compounds may contaminate the milk supply.

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Fact #7

Contaminated milk when consumed, could cause serious health disorders. Therefore, carefully choose your milk supplier!

Also, get a milk testing apparatus which helps in detecting the quality of the milk.

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