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World No Tobacco Day: How Smoking Damages The Brain

Smoking is one habit that affects almost every organ of your body. In this post, let us try to understand how it affects the brain.

The human brain is the place where all thinking occurs. Your brain makes your conscious life and unconscious lives possible. Your thoughts and feelings come from there. In fact, even functions like breathing, digestion are operated by the brain itself.

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If such an important organ is affected by your addiction, would you still stick to that tobacco stick? Read on to know more.


Fact #1

Every time you smoke, all the chemicals present in your cigarette reach the brain too. Arteries connect your brain to your lungs and heart and this takes those chemicals to your brain.


Fact #2

Nicotine can affect the brain in 10 seconds. The effect can last for 30-40 minutes. Nicotine tends to alter and even control some brain cells which are related to memory and mood. So, smoking can alter brain chemistry.


Fact #3

Nicotine withdrawal affects your mood because nicotine controls the brain. Anxiety and irritability occur because nicotine affects the centers of the brain that are related to well-being. Lack of it can make you feel disturbed; so, one gets addicted fast.


Fact #4

Smoking also affects the circulation of blood to the brain as it tends to block an artery known as carotid artery. This could raise the risk of stroke too.


Fact #5

Though some people think that smoking makes them alert and creative, it actually makes the brain functions weak and dips the IQ.

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Fact #6

A new study also claims that the outer layer of the brain in smokers tends to becomes thin. The outer layer is responsible for memory and language. It becomes normal only after a person quits smoking!


Fact #7

The age-related cognitive decline is more in smokers compared to non-smokers. So, smokers may lose their memory power, thinking abilities, creativity and language skills with each passing year.

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