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10 Health Resolutions To Make & Keep Up This New Year!

By Chandana Rao

"New Year, New Me", this is a very popular quote, which is used by many of us, every year, as another new year approaches, right?

That is because it is the natural instinct of many people to want to start afresh with a new year, by changing their lifestyle habits for the better!

As humans, we always strive to have the best of everything, be it health or quality of life; and we also know that to attain a good quality of life, we must take some effort in achieving it, since it cannot happen on its own!

For example, if we eat out on a regular basis and our diet mostly consists of foods that are high in fat and oil content, then there are high chances that we could suffer from weight issues and digestive ailments.

Similarly, if we do not manage our stress levels and temper issues, we could also suffer from mental ailments like anxiety and depression.

So, it is very clear that if a person wants to remain healthy, he/she must make a conscious effort, on a daily basis, especially as they start to age!

Without good health, a lot of other good things in life cannot be enjoyed to the fullest!

Imagine this, a person works hard every day at his business and attains great success and money; however, he has ignored his health all along, so he becomes a victim to serious health issues.

Can he enjoy the fruit of his labour in the business front? No, right? Because no amount of success and money can equate to good health!

If we make an effort to remain healthy, then we can always be strong enough to attain our other goals.

So, it is extremely important to make a conscious effort to stay healthy, starting this new year!

Check out for some of the most important health resolutions to make this year.


Resolution #1: Cut Back On Sugar

A lot of us consciously or unconsciously consume a lot of sugar on a daily basis. Even small amounts of sugar that we add to our beverages; even tiny piece of cake/chocolate/sweet, etc., that we eat can have a tremendous impact on our health and could lead to serious ailments, so reducing sugar intake can make a lot of difference!


Resolution #2: Practice Puzzles

Many of us would not take the task of solving puzzles, crosswords, memory games, etc., very seriously after we grow up. However, research studies have shown that practising such activities regularly can keep your brain cells active and prevent brain cell degeneration, thus reducing the risk of Alzheimer's disease, dementia, etc.


Resolution #3: Maintain A Health Journal

It is normal for most people to get caught up with our busy lives and ignore certain signs that could indicate the presence of diseases. Keeping a health journal to note down changes in your health, however small, can help you detect the presence of diseases, if any, sooner, so you can get help in time.


Resolution #4: Quit Your Vices

Wanting to quit smoking, drinking, recreational drugs and other such vices is easier said than done. However, these habits are tremendously harmful for health and can even cause death, apart from serious mental and psychological diseases. So, making a resolution to quit your vices and sticking to this promise can help you a lot!


Resolution #5: Manage Stress

Stress is one of the root causes for a number of diseases that people suffer from today, both psychological and physiological. Right from minor headaches to diseases like cancer, stress has been linked to them! So, meditating on a regular basis, consuming foods that increase serotonin in your brain and staying away from stressful situations can also keep you healthy.


Resolution #6: Exercise

This may sound like a very clichéd new year resolution, but it is also a very important one because exercise is one of the best ways to stay fit, avoid and prevent many diseases and also to release the "happy hormones" in your brain. Pick a type of exercise that will keep you going for a long time and practice it every day!


Resolution #7: Take A Break

Taking a break from your stressful or monotonous routine can refresh your brain cells and also increase your immunity, thus keeping you healthy. Taking vacations once in a while or certain number of days off can make a difference.


Resolution #8: Prepare Your Meals

If you are someone who works or studies and spends most of the day outside your homes, then ensure that you prepare healthy meals at home to take with you. Eating out on a regular basis, even in the best of restaurants can definitely have a negative impact on your health.


Resolution #9: Maintain Dental Hygiene

Just brushing your teeth twice a day is not enough if you want exceptional oral health. Flossing regularly, avoiding sugary foods, going to your dentists for regular clean-ups and check-ups are also important. Bad oral hygiene is linked to heart ailments!


Resolution #10: Reduce Smartphone Usage

Today, it is a fact that it can be hard to carry on daily tasks, without the help of smartphones and other gadgets; however, many of us also use it excessively, just for entertainment purposes. Cutting down on smartphone usage can also make you healthier!

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