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12 Amazing Health & Beauty Benefits of Neem Oil That You Need to Know

Neem, नीम | Health and Beauty Benefits | नीम के तेल के अनोखे फायदे | Boldsky

The neem tree is a phenomenal plant.

From roots to shoot, you can use each and every part of it to treat various health problems, including bacterial, viral, and fungal infections.

And today, we will discuss in more detail about the health benefits of neem oil, which is extracted by cold-pressing the seeds of the neem tree.

Please note: This is the third installment in the series on the incredible benefits of neem. And although you don't have to read the previous ones to gain wisdom from this, they are pretty great in their own way.

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So let's go ahead, and dive into Part III: The 12 Amazing Health & Beauty Benefits of Neem Oil


#1 Natural Moisturizer

Neem oil is a great moisturizer for those who suffer from moderate to severe dry skin.

This is because neem oil is packed with vitamin E and essential fatty acids that seep into the skin and keep it healthy and supple from within.


#2 Stops Aging

If you have been blindsided by the expensive anti-aging formulas that make your skin dependent on them, then here's a cheap alternative for you - neem oil.

Not only does this oil smooth out wrinkles and fine lines, it also stimulates collagen build-up in your dermis, which makes your skin young and supple once again.

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#3 Prevents Graying of Hair

The effects of neem oil on your hair is similar to what it does for your skin. That means, applying it to your scalp can help you prevent premature graying.

Not only that, with the amount of vitamins in this oil, you can rest assured that a neem oil therapy can make your mane lustrous and shiny once again.


#4 Prevents Hair Fall

If you suffer from hair fall, neem oil therapy can really help slow down, and ultimately stop, your hair fall.

For this, you just need to warm up the oil and apply it thoroughly all over your scalp and hair. Then let it rest for 1 hour before you shampoo it off.

Just remember: Neem oil is very pungent and stinky. And make sure it does not sit in for longer than an hour.

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#5 Treats Asthma and Lung Infections

Taking neem oil steam can do wonders for asthma as the oil contains compounds that are anti-histaminic in nature (that is, they reduce the adverse immune reactions that cause asthma and allergies).

Plus, with its potent antimicrobial effect, you can rest assured that inhaling neem oil with steam will work far better than simple eucalyptus oil or ginger water steam.

To take this steam, all you need to do is boil some water, add 1 - 2 drops of neem oil in it, mix it well, and then allow the water to cool until the steam is just warm. Now place a towel over your head and inhale this steam.

Caution: Steam can burn off your face. So make sure you allow the boiling water to rest until the steam is just warm.


#6 Treats Eczema

Eczema is an autoimmune disease of the skin, which causes intense dryness and itching. And using neem oil over these rashes can help in a very good way because the oil reduces dryness and also prevents secondary infections by microbes.


#7 Effective Against Psoriasis

Psoriasis is also caused by an autoimmune cascade inside your body, which gives rise to dry, scaly skin. And neem oil is effective against this in the same way as it treats eczema.

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#8 Removes Scars

Those who suffer from acne troubles often have unsightly scars left behind by these boils and bumps. And neem oil is a great remedy for that.

This is because the high amount of fatty acids in neem oil is excellent at tightening pores, removing impurities, and erasing the scar marks left behind by acne.


#9 Anti-fungal Agent

Neem oil has been used since ancient times to treat fungal diseases like athlete's foot, nail fungus, and ringworms.

This is because while the ancients did not know the scientific reason behind these afflictions, or the fact that neem oil contains gedunin and nimbidol, they did know that neem oil has excellent medicinal properties.

Maybe that's why the Sanskrit name for neem was nimba, which means good health.

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#10 Head Lice Remover

Neem oil is so potent that if you have a bad case of head lice, all you need to do is apply the oil thoroughly and leave it overnight, and the next morning you can comb out the dead lice from your hair.


#11 Removes Split Ends and Dandruff

When the natural oils secreted by your scalp are unable to reach the ends of your hair, it gives rise to split ends. That is why women who have extremely long hair often complain of split ends.

Similarly, when your scalp is too dry, the skin flakes off and gives rise to dandruff. And neem oil is an effective treatment for both these problems because the vitamins and fats in this oil are capable of deeply moisturizing your scalp and hair till its ends.


#12 Treats Gum Diseases

Neem oil contains azadirachtin and triterpenoids, which are great antiseptic, antimicrobial, and antipyretic agents. That's why massaging your gums with it is a great way of killing the bacteria in your mouth that cause gum diseases, bad breath, and tooth decay.

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