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Gurmeet Ram Rahim Convicted In Rape Case; Know The Psychological/Health Effects Of Rape

By Sravia Sivaram

The self-proclaimed spiritual guru Gurmeet Ram Rahim was sentenced recently to twenty years in prison for raping two women followers 15 years ago.

Women, young girls and teenagers are offered willingly by their parents to these ashrams. The rape culture at the Dera is actually well known, yet the power these sadhvis exude is enormous that nothing can be changed or undone.

The trauma that the victims experience is beyond words and this is known to psychologically and physically impact a person's mind and body severely.

Sexual violations at these ashrams occur at the behest of the guru and the power of these godmen remains unchallenged as ever.

In this article, we have listed the effects of rape that can completely throw a person off balance and hope it is eradicated from our society forever. Read further to know about the psychological effects that a rape victim would face.


1. Depression:

Some of the symptoms that are usually experienced by the victim are prolonged sadness, feelings of hopelessness, unexplained crying, changes in appetite, loss of energy, weight loss/gain.


2. Disassociation:

This refers to a feeling like one is not present or checked out. People may find themselves to be daydreaming and this can impair an individual's ability to function in the real world. They wouldn't be able to focus anymore in their daily activities. This is one of the main effects of rape on the victim.


3. Sexually Transmitted Infection:

This occurs due to the transmission of bacterial or viral infection that passes from a person to person due to any form of sexual contact. This is considered to be one of the main physical effects of rape on a victim.


4. Eating Disorder:

Sexual violence can affect the survivors in many ways, including perceptions of the body and feelings of control. Not being able to eat properly and many other kinds of eating disorder are likely to trouble a victim. This is also one of the main psychological effects of a rape victim.


5. Sleep Disorders:

This is a very common aspect of sexual abuse. Some of the symptoms include trouble in falling asleep or staying asleep or sleeping for longer or shorter than usual. This is one of the ill effects of sexual abuse.


6. Suicidal Tendencies:

These thoughts are preventable and attending counseling classes would at times help in a big way. It is the trauma and psychological impact that makes the victim take such extreme steps.

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