Why Do We Feel Sleepy At Noon?

Are you feeling sleepy at noon? If you observe other men around in your workplace, you may notice one thing. Most of them tend to be very productive in the first half of the day.

But after lunch, that too, between 2 and 4pm, they tend to struggle a bit to carry on with their tasks as their moods tend to be low. Some may feel sleepy and some may even bend their heads to sleep on the desk too!

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Have you ever wondered why men tend to experience grumpy moods in the afternoon? Read this to know.


Feeling Sleepy At Noon?

When researchers scanned the brains of a group of men several times during the day, they discovered the fact that men generally feel slumped after 2 pm.

What Could Be The Reason?

Well, the ups and downs in the moods could be due to the varying degrees of the changes in the areas of the brain associated with reward processing.

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What Happens At Noon?

The activity in the reward-processing areas of the brain tends to be at its peaks during the morning and also during the evening. But around noon, that too, after 2pm, it dips.

What Researchers Did?

Researchers compared the data of brain scans of several men. All of them were given a task related to gambling. The same task was repeated once in the morning (10 am), once in the noon (2pm) and once again in the evening by 7pm.

What They Discovered?

At the end of the study, researchers observed that the left putamen activity in the brain reduced significantly around 2 in the afternoon.

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Is That Why Men Feel Drowsy At 2pm?

Yes, maybe this is one reason why men tend to feel lazy or inactive during the noon. Alertness may decrease and they may feel grumpy and moody!

How Does This Study Help?

Well, the objective of the researchers is to study various ways to help people with sleep disturbances and depression. But this study also helps other men as they can plan all their major tasks before 1pm in the after noon or after 3 pm in the evening to enhance productivity.

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