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Why Aren't You Hungry? Reasons


Some days, you wake up hungry and start your day with a tasty breakfast. But on some days, you don't even feel like eating breakfast. And sometimes, you don't feel like eating anything throughout the day. That is a dangerous symptom.


The human body needs resources through nutrients in the foods we eat. If you are not feeling hungry then it could mean that the mechanism of appetite isn't functioning well.

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What could be the reason? Sometimes, not feeling hungry could just be because of overeating. But sometimes, lack of appetite is a symptom of many medical conditions! Therefore, read on to know about the serious reasons here.


Reason #1

One reason could be irritable bowel syndrome. If you experience pain in the abdomen or suffer from intestinal issues, you won't feel like eating anything.

Gas and flatulence also impact your appetite. Stay away from stimulants and consult a doctor.


Reason #2

Lack of appetite for days together along with other symptoms like fatigue, nausea and diarrhea could also be a symptom of liver issues. Go for a check up to rule out the possibility of liver failure.

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Reason #3

Even fungal infections can kill the desire to eat anything. When you have oral fungal infections, you may not be able to taste or sense foods and that could spoil your eating experience and appetite. Before the infection spreads, consult a doctor.


Reason #4

Vitamin and mineral deficiencies could also affect your appetite. See whether you are suffering from iron or vitamin B12 deficiency.

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Your blood report can tell you whether your red blood cell count is low. If that is the case, you may also see other symptoms like fatigue, constipation, bleeding gums etc. Consult a doctor to get a list of foods that may cure the deficiency.


Reason #5

If you are anxious about something, it could kill your appetite. Of course, some people try to munch something while feeling anxious; but generally, anxiety could kill appetite.

Relaxation or boosting your mood through exercise can reduce anxiety and normalise your appetite.


Reason #6

Even anorexia could be one reason. If rapid weight loss and lack of appetite torments you, it could also be anorexia. You will need immediate medical assistance.


Reason #7

When you feel depressed, you don't feel like eating anything. Clinical depression kills appetite for food. Get professional help if you are suffering from depression.


Reason #8

If you are under medication then your lack of appetite could be a side effect of the medicine. Antibiotics, morphine and chemotherapy could alter your appetite. Even recreational drugs do the same.

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Reason #9

Some types of cancers may affect your sense of taste and this could kill the interest in eating anything. When tumours grow, they could interfere with appetite. This is true especially for stomach cancer, colon cancer, pancreatic cancer and even ovarian cancer.


Reason #10

Diseases like Alzheimer's and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease could also rapidly impact your eating patterns and appetite. Even heart failure could kill appetite. If you are above 65 and suffer lack of appetite then you may need medical help immediately.

Story first published: Tuesday, April 18, 2017, 9:56 [IST]
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