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How Foods Affect Hormones


Whether you are feeling high or low, it is a fact that there is a link between your feelings and food choices. Do you know how foods affect hormones? Once you realise that foods too can affect your moods or feelings, you will be able to make better choices.

How To Improve Your Blood

Yes, hormones do have a say in how you feel. Of course, both food and healthy lifestyle habits are important. When it comes to hormones like dopamine, cortisol, serotonin and insulin, your food can surely affect their levels. So, can stress cause hormonal imbalance? Of course, yes.

Irrespective of your age and your living conditions, you can still make some healthy food choices and change the way you feel. But of course there are some foods that cause hormonal imbalance as well. Avoiding them is also important.

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Maintaining healthy weight, sleeping on time and maintaining healthy blood sugar levels and living a healthy life- all these start with maintaining healthy hormonal levels. So, let us discuss about that.


Skipping Meals

Your insulin levels may go berserk if you have the habit of skipping meals. What happens is your blood sugar levels go down and up and again terribly down. This can make you anxious, or jittery. Gradually, your risk of obesity or diabetes may increase. Cultivate the habit of eating timely meals.


What Can Sleep Do?

The quality of your night's sleep determines your appetite the next morning as your hormones are impacted during your sleep. If you don't sleep enough, your hormonal levels may get affected and your appetite may also get impacted.


Sugary Drinks

Your activity levels must decide your sugar intake but not your taste buds. Consuming sugary drinks or sweets may impact your insulin levels. Avoid them as your food will anyway contribute enough sugar to your body.


Raw Diet+Cooked Diet

A diet which is a combination of both raw and cooked foods can help your body maintain the right levels of hormones. Your body feels energetic when you eat raw foods and relaxed when you consume cooked foods. Such a diet will lower stress hormone and boosts serotonin which is a mood hormone and also keeps your health fine.


Why Refined Grains And Diary Aren't Good

Health experts say that consuming any food that quickly spikes your blood sugar isn't good. Refined sugars and dairy products are among them. Yes, too much of dairy may affect your hormones.


How Dieting Affects...

Even if you want to go on a diet, it isn't advisable to avoid consuming carbs, protein and healthy fat as they play a role in the functioning of hormones in your body.


Junk Foods Vs Plant Foods

Keeping your diet simple helps a lot in your hormonal levels. Whole foods and plant based foods are better for healthy hormonal levels whereas processed foods may alter the natural balance.

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