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Holi 2022: How To Protect Your Eyes During The Festival Of Colours

Holi is just around the corner and for sure most of you might have your plans ready. The riot of colours not just excites the smaller kids but Holi is one such festival that is loved and played by people of all age groups - right from the kids, teenagers, adults to the elderly, all of them enjoy the festival with much fervour. This year, Holi will be celebrated from 18 March.

But the most worrying part of the festival is that people who are allergic to colours cannot enjoy it. The Holi colours contain lots of chemicals and metals and these can cause skin allergies, respiratory problems and a host of other infections. If left unchecked, it can lead to blindness as well [1] .

Playing Holi safely should be the first thing on your mind this year. These eye care tips should also be explained to kids to keep them aware and alert on how to protect their eyes.
Today in this article we will be explaining a few natural ways to protect the eyes during Holi [2] . However, these days there are a lot of organic and natural colours that are available in the market. Compared to the chemical-containing Holi colours, organic Holi colours are much safer.

Here is a list of a few effective ways that will help in preventing your eyes during Holi. Take a look.

1. Use coconut oil

Before you play Holi, rub fresh or natural coconut oil around your eye. Coconut oil help protect your eyes from the harshness of the colours, as well as in removing the colour easily without affecting your eyes [3] .

2. Apply cold cream

One of the other major ways to protect your eyes during the festival of colours is by using cream. The cold cream, when applied around your eyes will restrict the colours from getting in your eyes. Acting as a protective shield, the sticky nature of cold creams will get the colours to get stuck outside your eyes and not inside [4] .

3. Cover your eyes

Make sure to cover your face while someone is throwing colours at you. If your eyes are open, there are high chances that the colour will enter your eyes and cause severe irritation.

4. Wear sunglasses

Yet another best way to protect the eyes during Holi is to use sunglasses or plain glasses. It helps in preventing the powder and coloured water from entering the eyes.

5. Use rosewater

The antibacterial properties of rosewater help in preventing eye irritation caused by the colours and help to remove the colour from the eyes [5] .

6. Use apple cider wash

Make an eyewash by mixing apple cider vinegar and water. Rinse your eyes with the apple cider solution, if you happen to get Holi colour in your eyes [6] .

7. Cold bread magic

This is one of the best eye care tips while playing Holi. An hour before you begin, place two to three slices of bread in the freezer. You can use this bread as a cold compressor if you happen to get Holi colours in your eyes. It stops irritation and inflammation too.

8. Tie your hair

Tie your hair while playing Holi. If your hair gets wet it will stop the colour from dripping into your eyes. It is a basic eye care tip while playing Holi.

9. Avoid touching your eyes

If you have a habit of touching your eyes frequently, then you must stop doing this while playing Holi. The dust and the colour will enter the eyes and then cause irritation in the eyes [7] . If left unchecked it might lead to loss of vision. You should restrain from rubbing your eyes as it can aggravate the irritation [8] .

Wearing Contact Lenses?

It is always advised to remove one's lenses before playing Holi. If you cannot do without it, then make sure you avoid getting colour into your eyes. In case of colour getting into your eyes, discard the lenses immediately and wash your eyes to avoid getting infections (uveitis) [9] , [10] .

What To Do If Colours Get Into Your Eyes

Whatever measures you may adopt, the colours can get into your eyes. In that case, follow these steps [11] .

Holi खेलने से पहले चेहरे और बालों पर लगाएं ये चीजें और रंग उतारने के लिए अजमाएं ये टिप्स | BoldSky
  • Stay calm, as it is necessary that you think clearly and logically
  • Remove contact lenses (if you are wearing any)
  • Rinse eyes with lots of clean, drinking water
  • Use lubricating eye drops
  • If it is severe, seek medical help immediately


  • Protecting your eyes while playing Holi is extremely necessary because, the synthetic colours contain heavy metals like lead which can cause pink eye (conjunctivitis), chemical burn, sudden vision loss, corneal abrasion or blunt eye injury [12] .
  • Avoid water balloons as they may cause blunt eye injury or even head injury.
  • If the colours get into your eyes, it may lead to uveitis - an inflammation of the iris. This is mostly viewed in people wearing contact lenses [13] .
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