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Does Frequent Ejaculation Prevent Prostate Cancer?

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Are ejaculation and prostate cancer linked? Is frequent ejaculation good for the prostate? Well, a new study examined this aspect very closely and researchers have some new findings.

This study was started more than 18 years ago and researchers have finally found some answers related to the prevention of prostate cancer.

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Here are some key facts related to the research done on the link between prostate health and ejaculation frequency.


What Does The Study Say?

A recent study claims that men who ejaculate nearly 20 times per month may reduce their risk of suffering prostate cancer.


What's The Percentage Of Risk Prevention?

Researchers say that such men can reduce their prostate cancer risk by almost 33%.

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How Was The Study Conducted?

More than 30,000 men were examined as a part of this study. After the study, researchers determined the number of orgasms men need to enjoy to reduce their risk.


Does Prostate Cancer Kill?

Every year, there are thousands of deaths occurring due to prostate cancer. Most of the deaths tend to occur in aged people who are above 65. So, with age, the risk tends to increase.


Does Prevention Help?

As prevention works a lot better than cure, it is advisable to find ways to prevent prostate cancer. Masturbating seems to be one of the methods that might help.

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What Else Can Help?

Apart from ejaculations, eating good food and regular exercises also play an important role in minimising the risk of prostate cancer.

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