Do You Really Need A Colon Cleanse?

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Why everyone is talking about colon cleansing? What is it about? It is nothing but a process of clearing toxins from the colon.

When you don't clear clogged pipes in your home's drainage system, what happens? Dirt accumulates and leaves a foul odour, right? Bacteria may also breed and you might see worms moving around. In the same way, your intestines may need some attention occasionally.

Toxic buildup can make you sick. Of course, your body regularly takes care of eliminating the toxins. Colon cleansing is not totally accepted by some scientific communities. But still, you can always try it after consulting your doctor.

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But don't buy colon cleansing products sold in the market. Try simple and harmless home remedies like drinking lemon juice or apple juice or ginger water in the morning. Also, try juice fasting for a day. Now, here are some signs you may need colon cleansing.


Sign #1

Even after sleeping for 8 hours, do you wake up feeling tired? Do you feel sluggish even when you are sleeping enough? Then maybe a colon cleanse might help you.


Sign #2

In spite of all the skin care routines you follow, does it look pale? Do you see spots on skin or pimples? Well, a colon cleanse may also brighten your skin.

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Sign #3

Are your bowels watery all the time? Are your bowel movements irregular? A colon cleanse can help your bowel movements too.


Sign #4

You eat very little but still you are unable to lose weight. Is that the case? Then a colon cleanse might help.

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Sign #5

Even after bathing well and washing your body thoroughly, do you smell bad? A colon cleanse may clear the problem.


Sign #6

Even though you brush your teeth regularly and use mouth fresheners, is your mouth stinking? Well, a colon cleanse could help.


Sign #7

Do you fall sick on regular intervals without any reason? Cleanse your colon and see if the toxic load over there is the root cause of your problems.

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