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Do You Lose Nutrients Through Semen?


Some men still think that losing semen makes them weak. Some think that semen contains lots of nutrients and therefore ejaculation makes them lose nutrients.

Some men even think that masturbation could affect their health. And then some believe that each drop of sperm contains 90 drops of blood and losing semen is like losing blood. Well, all of them are myths.

Here are some facts that you must know about the man's ejaculate...


Fact #1

The amount of fluid that comes out after ejaculation could be about a teaspoon full. The amount varies depending upon age, previous ejaculation and excitement levels and so on.


Fact #2

Nearly 200-500 million sperm cells are present in a teaspoon of man's ejaculate. The number depends more on the man's age, health condition and various other factors.


Fact #3

Only 1% of semen contains sperm cells. What about the rest? Well, the rest of it contains these ingredients: Fructose sugar, ascorbic acid, water, enzymes, citric acid, protein, zinc and phosphate.


Fact #4

Though many people believe that semen contains lots of calories, it is far from truth. A teaspoon of it may contain only 5-7 calories.


Fact #5

The body needs some time to produce semen. But in order to meet your needs anytime, it stores some amount of it.

But when the storage is full and you aren't using it, the body sends signals to the brain. That is when you tend to experience sexual urges more.


Fact #6

So, it is good to ejaculate so that your body will empty the storage and prepare semen again. Some men may need to ejaculate once a day, for some, it is once a week and some may need to do it only once a month.

Some men lose semen during sleep. But the body finds its own way to move out the excess semen. So, ejaculation or masturbation aren't harmful to health. But too much of anything might be counter productive.

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Story first published: Sunday, March 5, 2017, 14:12 [IST]
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