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Beware! This Common Activity At Night Can Cause Blindness

By Sravia Sivaram

Doing this one thing can cause recurring episodes of blindness that can last up to 15 minutes.

Temporary blindness has been linked to the use of cell-phone before bed. Some recent studies have also shown how night-time cellphone usage can trigger this condition.

You might be used to checking on the phone, while lying on one side, like how many people do.

Doctors have largely warned against this, as this can lead to blindness.

Texting for long hours in the dark can actually make you blind, especially if conditions like retina detachment occur.

This is a condition where the retina gets detached from the back of the eye. Constantly messaging at night for several days and nights can lead to this condition.

Without a proper treatment, this condition can lead to blindness in the affected eye.

The retina is light-sensitive and sends messages to the brain via the optic nerve. If you get sudden flashes in the line of sight, then this is a common sign to show that the retina has been detached.

So, continue reading this article to know more about the ill effects of using mobile at night.


#Point 1:

Lying on one side and checking on the phone can lead to one eye focusing on the screen and the other eye, fully or partially blocked by the window.


#Point 2:

Thus, one eye gets adapted to the light and the other one gets adjusted to the dark.


#Point 3:

When the cell phone is switched off, the brain gets confused, why one eye is adjusted for daytime and the other for night.


#Point 4:

Did you know that the blue light which is emitted is a lot more damaging than anything else?


#Point 5:

The severity of the damage caused by long night exposure to blue light is becoming clear, as people are being affected with high rates of eye deterioration. This is one of the top causes of sudden blindness.


#Point 6:

In some cases, the eyes of 35 year olds turned cloudy and resembled that of a 75 year old, as per recent studies.


#Point 7:

Further, this damage goes far beyond the eyes. Studies have confirmed the link between blue light and several types of cancer, diabetes, heart disease and obesity.


#Point 8:

Hence, the best you can do is to leave your phone else where before hitting the bed and avert these consequences.

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