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Benefits Of Lower Abdominal Massage

The benefits of lower abdominal massage cannot be underestimated. Soon after you wake up, if your bowel movements don't start, you might become restless. Sometimes, walking in your living room or drinking some hot water can trigger the nature's calls. But if they don't, then try belly massage.

Massaging your abdomen all by yourself is a good way to stimulate the digestive system. You just need to move your hands in circular motion after smearing a drop of any essential oil mixed with coconut oil.

Benefits Of Lower Abdominal Massage

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Place a mat on the floor and lie down. First warm up your hands by rubbing against each other for a few seconds.

Now, start the massage by slightly piercing your navel with your forefinger and gently massaging the area around your belly using both hands. Simply circle your hands around the navel for 50 times and the massage is over. Here are some abdominal massage benefits.

It Relieves Constipation

Massaging your tummy first thing in the morning can provide relief from constipation. It can also enhance waste removal and boost digestive function.

Boosts Gastrointestinal Health

Massage on the tummy, when done regularly can also boost gastrointestinal health. The blood circulation in the abdominal area gets better and even the intestine gets stimulated after a massage.

Improves Muscle Tone

Massaging your abdomen regularly can also improve muscle tone in that area. This is one of the least expected tummy massage benefits.

Prevents Menstrual Cramps

In women, massage on the tummy using essential oils can prevent menstrual cramps and heavy bleeding. It works better when you massage your tummy 5-7 days before the cycle starts.

Relieves Stress

Apart from all the physical benefits, there are some psychological benefits too. You will feel relieved from stress and may feel calmer after the massage.

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It Relieves Bloating

This is one of the tummy massage benefits. If you feel bloated frequently then abdominal massage can help. Massaging the stomach can prevent excessive build up of wastes.

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Abdominal massage is not for everyone. Who should avoid it? Well, those suffering from kidney stones, gallstones, inflammation, ulcers, hernia, internal bleeding should avoid tummy massage. Also, pregnant women should avoid massage on the abdomen.

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