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Benefits Of Rainfall: Why It Is Okay To Get Wet In The Rains


Though all of us want to dance or walk in the rain, we don't because our elders never let us get wet in the rain. Of course, we fear catching cold, or falling sick due to getting wet in the rain.

Actually, rain water isn't that bad to make us fall sick. Prolonged exposure to cold weather conditions, that too, in mountainous regions could spoil health. But otherwise, getting wet for sometime and enjoying the rain isn't that bad. In fact, it has some health benefits too.

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But remember this! Don't spend more than 10-12 minutes in the rain. And then don't forget to sip a cup of hot black tea or green tea soon after you find shelter. Also, it is better to wash yourself with warm water after getting back.



Actually, rain water is pure water. The water that falls from the sky contains no minerals or other contaminants. It doesn't come in contact with soil or stones or other surfaces that add contaminants.

In fact, that is the reason why in some places where water is scarce, they harvest rain water even for drinking purposes.



A study claims that the air during the rainfall is healthier to breathe as it is fresh. Before the rain starts, the air becomes fresh and clean. Rainfall moves the toxins in the air along with the dust, dander and other pollutants.

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A new study says that rain water can be consumed. But only if it is collected in clean containers from places where rain water directly comes from the skies without touching any other dirty surface.



The humidity in the air that follows the rain is good for your skin. Also, when humidity levels are higher, certain viruses present in the air become incapable of harm.



Do you know why you feel good when you smell the rain? It has a soothing effect on you. Scientists call the peculiar scent of a rain 'petrichor'. Actually, the smell comes from some chemicals that the bacteria present in the soil release soon after the rain starts. Even plants tend to release certain substances that contribute to that peculiar scent.



Researchers believe that rain water is alkaline in nature. Alkaline water can detoxify and boost digestion too. Alkaline water also balances the pH of your blood. It can reduce the acidic levels in the body.

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In rural India, ayurvedic practitioners recommend rain water for cancer patients mainly because it is alkaline in nature.

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Alternate medicine says that drinking 3 tablespoons of pure rain water, that too, first thing in the morning is very good for health. It can neutralise the stomach acids and also reduce irritation.



Drenching in rain is good for your hair too. Washing your hair in pure rain water that contains no minerals will help wash away the dirt without using a shampoo. The alkaline nature of the water also reduces the acidic levels on the scalp.



Rain water is also good for your skin. It helps your skin remain supple and clean. In fact, your skin, looks radiant after you drench in rain water for some time.

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You mind becomes calmer, your body will relax and your stress gets reduced if you dance in the rain for 5 minutes.



Rain water is not recommended for pregnant women. Also, getting wet in rain during pregnancy isn't safe!



If you wish to drink rain water, ensure that it is free from any contaminants. Otherwise, it could cause gastroenteritis!

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