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Why Indians Use Clay Cups For Chai? Are They Healthy?


In most parts of Northern India, tea of 'chai' is generally served in an earthen clay cup. These cups are used only once as they are disposable.

When you relish tea in a clay cup (kulhar), it is totally a different experience. The aroma of the tea changes and you will enjoy its distinct flavour too. As the surface is not glazed, the earthy feel and scent enhances your tea drinking experience.

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And yes, clay cups are a lot healthier than all other types of materials used for containers including glass, steel or plastic. Here are some reasons why you must prefer clay cups over other types of cups.


They're Better Than Styrofoam

In some places, tea is served in Styrofoam cups which are very dangerous. Polystyrene is the material used to manufacture those cups. It is a carcinogen and can get into the tea or any liquid that is poured in them.


What's The Problem With Styrofoam?

The chemical styrene can cause fatigue, hormonal issues, lack of focus, mucosal problems and irritation too. An earthen clay cup doesn't have any side effects.

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Clay Is Eco-Friendly

Earthen clay cups are eco-friendly. When you dispose them, they get mixed with the soil soon. But Styrofoam cups take more than 500 years to get decomposed. They aren't eco-friendly. They pollute the planet.


Another Problem With Other Materials

If you are drinking tea in roadside places, drinking from steel glasses or glass cups could cause infections too. How?

Well, if the water used to clean the cups isn't clean then the bacteria and other parasites can get into your body even if a drop of contaminated water exists on the surface of the glass. This problem never occurs if disposable clay cups are used. They don't need washing.


What Happens If A Glass Cup Isn't Clean?

Diarrhea, upset stomach and digestive issues are the first set of side effects if a cup or a glass is unclean when you are served tea at a roadside place. This problem doesn't rise with clay cups.

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Clay Cups Are Alkaline

Clay cups are alkaline which means using them can help in bringing down the acidic nature of your body.


Plastic Is Dangerous- Clay Is Safe

Clay cups can be used to drink anything- tea, milk, lassi or even water. Plastic cups are totally avoidable as they contain chemicals which have side effects.

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