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7 Worst Health Advices Women Get!

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Ladies, surely all of us would be concerned about staying healthy and we do keep hearing or reading thousands of health tips every day. Heath advices for women can be varied!

Right from our mother and friends to the numerous websites on the internet, women get to see a number of heath tips or advices meant specifically for them.

As we know, the physiology of men and women are very different from each other, so naturally, men and women have to take care of their health in different ways.

For example, one health advice for women includes getting gynaecological check-ups regularly, which is obviously not an advice meant for men!

So, women have a specific set of health advices, diet and lifestyle tips that help them lead a healthy and active lifestyle.

However, just like any other kind of an advice, health advice or tips for women may not always be accurate and, in some cases, they can even be wrong, leading to certain complications when followed.

So, here is a list of some of the worst advices women get, have a look!


1. Heart Diseases Affect Mostly Just Men

Heart diseases in women are as common as they are in men, so this advice can prevent women from working towards having a healthy heart.


2. Ob-Gyn Visits Are Not Needed If You Have Stopped Having Kids

This health advice for women is very wrong and regular ob-gyn visits are required for every women to test for STDs, cancer, etc.


3. Painful Sex Is A Myth

One of the worst health advices for women includes the myth that says painful sex is just a psychological condition for women who do not enjoy sex; however, infections, vaginal dryness, etc., can definitely cause painful sex!


4. Any Pain Down There Is UTI

Most women are told that if they experience any kind of pain or an infection in the vagina, it is surely UTI; however, a number of ailments can also cause pain in the vagina.


5. Eating Less Helps Weight Loss

Health advices for women also include the myth that says eating less can help shed kilos; however, both diet and exercise are a must for weight loss.


6. Mood Swings Are Not Serious

Worse health tips for women include the myth which says mood swings are common in women and so they don't need any treatment; however, constant mood swings can be a symptom of serious mental disorders.


7. Birth Control Pills Are Safe

Contrary to this health advice for women, birth control pills come with numerous side effects! Hence, this is one of the worst health advices for women.

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Story first published: Wednesday, August 31, 2016, 11:30 [IST]
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