World Obesity Day: Watch Out For These Unhealthy Habits That Can Make You Overweight

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October 26th is observed as World Obesity Day. Obesity is a health disorder which has affected a major part of the world's population today, thanks to unhealthy eating habits and sedentary lifestyles.

It occurs when we eat more than what our body requires and do little exercise to burn the extra calories. However, there are other factors that are also involved in the complex health disorder called obesity.

But, it is the harmful lifestyle that harms our body the most and leads us on the path to weight gain and eventually obesity. 

If you are struggling to control your weight and are not able to understand what is making your weighing machine feel more pressure, here is a clue. Are you keeping enough watch on the following habits?


1. Blind Eating:

Planting yourself on the sofa and munching on unlimited food while enjoying a movie is perhaps the most luxurious house activity for anybody, but it is also the most harmful for the body. If you are looking more at the TV and not what you are eating, then there is a huge chance of your body consuming more than what it requires. And if you are doing this over a considerable period of time, you are in for a big trouble.


2. Sleeping Less:

If you are sleeping less, you are doing more harm to yourself than helping your neighbours by keeping away the burglars. Loss of sleep makes you hungry, even if you a full stomach, as it affects the secretion of cortisol - the hormone which regulates appetite. Losing sleep also leads to storage of more fat in your body.


3. Eating After Eating:

If you are done with your dinner, call it a day and don't approach the refrigerator again. Going for food again after dinner is a great way of harming your body's natural process. If you really feel to eat something after dinner, since you have to stay awake for some urgent work, have something non-calorific.


4. Drinking With An Idle Brain:

If you are drinking hard drinks and aerated drinks without giving it a second thought, you are inviting trouble. The liquid will go down easily, but the calorie will go up, preparing you for a difficult time ahead.


5. Ditching Your Breakfast:

If you are skipping breakfast, you are denying the much-needed fuel to your body and sending the metabolism process for a toss. Have a healthy breakfast, which is not oily, spicy and junk. Also, taking breakfast at the time of lunch is disastrous.


6. Eating While Shopping:

There are a lot of traps at the superstore that will make you spend after eating even though your primary aim was to shop. And eating at a supermarket means consuming things that are not too healthy. Hence, a way to deal with this is to eat something healthy before you head to shopping. As long as you are full, you will not feel the urgency to eat something.


7. Not Carrying Homemade Food:

If you are in the middle of a work that can create a phase of boredom, you will invariably feel attracted towards eating and actually eating junk. The best way to handle this is by carrying homemade food with yourself - like a few carrots, fresh fruits or healthy snacks.


8. Eating Everything:

It is because of social compulsion or to make the money spent worth, we tend to eat everything that comes to our way. Make a habit to avoid consuming everything and give more importance to portions that will suit your appetite and health.


9. There Are Hardly Any Healthy Cookies:

Even if the labels say that they are "fat free", be assured that there is no dearth of calories in them. So, gobbling them under a false consolation will not help your cause.


10. Not Waking Up Early And Exercising:

The sun has never got delayed even once in its daily routine continuing for millions of years. So, why would you? Get up early and engage in walking or exercising, so that you don't get too overweight to turn incapable.

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Story first published: Wednesday, October 26, 2016, 10:26 [IST]
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