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Revealed! Why Alcohol Causes Headache

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In some people, alcohol may cause headaches. Of course, over consumption could give a headche to anyone but in some people, even a few sips could cause headaches.

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If your head pains because of drinks, you can stay away form alcohol forever and that is a good decision. But even if you decide to quit or enjoy a social sip with friends, knowing about the reasons behind the headache could help.

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For some people hard liquor or beer causes headaches whereas for some, wine causes it more. Well, there are a number of reasons behind an aching head after consuming liquor. Let us discuss them here.


Reason #1

Firstly, alcohol expands the blood vessels. When your brain's blood vessels dilate, you may get a headache too. In fact, people suffering from migraine may need to totally stay away from alcohol.


Reason #2

As alcohol dehydrates your system, not drinking enough water could result in a headache. Your body needs lots of water to deal with alcohol consumption.


Reason #3

Aged red wine could cause headaches, runny nose and even dry eyes as it could make your body release histamines.


Reason #4

Certain compounds like tyramin present in some alcoholic drinks could also trigger headaches especially if your body is sensitive to it. Beer, scotch, wine and champagne contain such compounds.


Reason #5

Another danger is the sugar content. In fact, avoid wines that contain more sugar content. Such drinks will dehydrate your system more.


Reason #6

For those who drink wine, the reason behind the headache could be tannin. Grapes and their seeds contain tannins which may cause headaches in some people. They may need to stay away form wine.


Reason #7

Also, certain chemicals present in hard drinks alter the chemical composition of your body leading to headaches.

So, drink in moderation or quit drinking and consult you doctor if you experience a headache after drinking liquor.

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