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What It Means If You Have Stomach Pain

Posted By: Staff

We have all had stomach pain from time to time. Learn now what causes stomach pain and what you may do so as to cure it for good!

You can get stomach pain whenever along with the solid food, you drink lots of fluids, be it water, juice or beer that dilutes the stomach acid which is meant to break down what you eat. This results in indigestion. An antacid can help in this case.


Stomach pain can be a result of parasites that thrive in our intestines. These may cause chronic digestion disorders. The only solution to this is deworming.

Yeasts that overgrow in the stomach of certain individuals cause enzyme production interruption and a decrease in beneficial microorganisms that break down food. It lowers the creation of both stomach acid and bile. This leads to indigestion and stomach pain. Medication is recommended.


Stomach pain can be as a result of acid reflux. To treat this, one needs to find out what kinds of foods cause acid reflux in an individual and avoid taking those foods. One can also try sleeping slightly propped up so that the acid goes back down to the stomach.

If you suffer from chronic stomach pain every other day, it can be due to peptic ulcer. Relief can be sought with the help of painkillers but they do not help in the long run. Medication and sometimes even surgery is required.

Stomach ache accompanied by trips to the bathroom can be due to lactose intolerance. The pain is a result of gas and diarrhoea. To avoid this from happening again, one has to stop having dairy products altogether.


If your stomach pain is accompanied by gas and bloating it can be that you are suffering from colitis or Crohn's disease. Anti-inflammatory medicines help in this case. However, if the symptoms are severe, then extensive treatment is required.

Stomach pain along with bloating and gas can also be as a result of gluten intolerance. If so, then check how your body reacts after you eat food items that contain gluten. Take actions accordingly.

Stomach pain may also be caused by gall stones and a swollen appendix. In both cases, surgery is required.

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