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What is 'Sex Addiction' Or Hypersexuality Disorder?

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Intimacy and sexual needs are something every human being yearns for often; however, what happens when the urge to have sex is strong and compulsive? Well, it leads to a condition known as hypersexuality disorder!

Imagine you are an average, fairly healthy person; however, there is just one problem and that is you cannot stop thinking about sex and you do everything you can to satisfy your urge to indulge in sexual intercourse, without paying much attention to the consequences.

Well, these are the tell-tale signs of hypersexuality disorder!

In medical terms, hypersexuality can be described as an uncontrollable impulse to indulge in sexual activities.

Usually, people suffering from hypersexuality are constantly preoccupied with sexual fantasies and are on the lookout for possible sexual encounters, which can lead to immediate satisfaction of their urges.

Hypersexuality is a serious impulse control disorder that can do considerable damage to a person's health and life in general.

People with hypersexuality need to take professional help immediately and should be around people who can give them emotional support.

Here are a few interesting facts about hypersexuality disorder, have a look!

Fact #1

what is hypersexuality

Hypersexuality is also known as sex addiction due to the addictive nature of the patient that revolves around sexual activities and sexual fantasies.

Fact #2

what is hypersexuality

People suffering from hypersexuality indulge in compulsive watching of pornography and even compulsive masturbation, in case they are unable to find a partner to help satisfy their strong urges.

Fact #3

what is hypersexuality

Another fact about hypersexuality disorder is that usually a person suffering from this disorder looks for casual encounters, in which they tend to "objectify" their sexual partners as just something that can satisfy their urges.

Fact #4

what is hypersexuality

Usually, people with hypersexuality suffer from bouts of depression, anxiety and loneliness, as they are incapable of finding a long-term partner.

Fact #5

what is hypersexuality

Although hypersexuality is a separate mental disorder in itself, certain symptoms of hypersexuality can also be found in people suffering from Parkinson's disease.

Fact #6

what is hypersexuality

The exact cause for the development of hypersexuality in people is still unknown; however, several research studies have claimed that hypersexuality could be the result of an imbalance in brain chemicals or hormones and also due to sexual abuse or trauma during childhood.

Fact #7

what is hypersexuality

People with hypersexuality are at a serious risk of developing STDs, as they indulge in risky sexual behaviours, often with prostitutes or people they do not know well, without using protection.

Fact #8

what is hypersexuality

The symptoms of hypersexuality can be reduced, although not completely curable, with medications and behavioural therapies.

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