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What Happens When You Eat Garlic In The Morning


Eating a piece of raw garlic isn't really something you enjoy. And that too, if you have to eat it in the morning on empty stomach, you wouldn't like the idea.

But what if that is a remedy for many ailments? What if that is a habit that can keep many health disorders at bay? Yes, garlic is an antibiotic that can curb many health issues.

And yes, it can work well when you eat it on empty stomach. The bacteria in your body will be directly exposed to the powers of garlic and that is why it is good to eat it on empty stomach.

But if you have any health issues like ulcer or any other issues, consult a doctor before trying such a remedy as it might not be advisable to eat garlic on empty stomach. Also, those who are under medication should avoid garlic as it may cause certain reactions.

Garlic, when consumed on empty stomach can also curb the symptoms of hypertension. It can enhance your blood circulation and also heps your liver and bladder perform well.

If you are suffering form diarrhea, garlic can handle that too. It is also good for your nervous system too. Also, garlic can stimulate your appetite and enhance digestion. Garlic can also deal with your stress levels.

In fact, many people in the ancient times relied on garlic for detoxification too. Garlic can cleanse the system of worms and parasites.

This way, garlic has many health benefits if it is consumed in the morning on empty stomach. You can make it a habit at a young age to keep many disorders at bay.

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Story first published: Monday, June 20, 2016, 9:34 [IST]
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