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What Happens When Your Hormones Do Not Function Well?

Posted By: Staff

Hormones are crucial for the appropriate functioning of the human body, and small changes in them may result in major changes in the manner the body functions. So, what happens when your hormones do not function well?

Comprehending these effects might help many women to deal with the variety of changes they encounter during this often confusing and tumultuous part of their lives. The glands that make female hormones start to reduce their secretion around fifty years of age.

what happens when hormones does not function well

Though there have been numerous studies performed to ascertain just why this is the case, experts only have been capable of making certain guesses so far. Some believe that these glands were initially designed to produce oestrogen along with other hormones during the lifetime of a woman.

But the doubling of life expectancy coupled with bad nutrition, little or no exercise and increased stress levels have placed such great pressure on these glands that they have started to malfunction at an early age.

what happens when hormones does not function well

When your hormones do not function well, you end up with hot flushes, vaginal dryness, insomnia and unexplained fat gain. Women also encounter mood swings, a decrease in sexual libido and even depression.

When your hormones do not function well, you have irregular periods, pimples surface on your face and the most disheartening of all is facial hair that starts growing all over your face.

what happens when hormones does not function well

You feel constantly tired all the time, you start suffering from mood swings and the worst of all, you find it difficult to remember things. You also end up eating in excess as you end up having sudden hunger cravings.

There are other signs that you need to watch out for that signal that your hormones are not functioning well. You end up constipated or pooping more, your eyes look bigger, as if they are ready to pop out, you start suffering from skin infections, your skin turns dry, your hair stops growing and you start peeing a lot.

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Story first published: Sunday, September 11, 2016, 10:00 [IST]
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