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    These Are The Workout Secrets Of Deepika Padukone, Check It Out !

    By Staff

    Deepika Padukone, daughter of former badminton champion Prakash Padukone, is one of Bollywood's most prominent faces today. However, the model-turned-actor is not only known for her acting prowess but also the high level of fitness she maintains.

    May be, her stint with the fashion industry has made her conscious about fitness. Gifted with a super figure, Deepika, who will turn 31 in January, has done her best to maintain it.

    The svelte beauty gives it all when it comes to workout and diet, so that her fitness and stamina remain at the peak all the time. For those who idolise Deepika Padukone and wish to own a body like her, here are some secrets of her workout:

    deepika padukone

    Secrets Of Deepika's Workout Plans:
    Deepika, a fitness enthusiast, always makes sure that she is into some activity or the other. Be it training in the gym, doing stretching exercises, playing badminton (she herself is also a former shuttler), practising yoga or even dancing - the actor includes them all in her fitness schedule, in some way or the other.

    She never hits the gym out due to compulsion and makes up one activity with another.

    deepika padukone

    Here are some highlights of Deepika's workout regimen:

    Gym: Deepika Padukone combines weight training with cardio-exercises for a toned-up body. While she is travelling, she hits the hotel gym.

    Walking Regularly: If the actor misses a gym session, she makes it up by walking one hour a day, dividing the time between morning and evening.

    Stretching and Pilates: The actor does Pilates along with stretching exercises to strengthen her core muscles and better her body's balance and flexibility.

    Yoga: Practising yoga asanas every morning keeps Deepika fresh and healthy.

    deepika padukone

    Here are some tips from the actor to reduce weight:
    1. Make fitness an integral part of your life and never give it a miss.
    2. Do not do an activity by compulsion. Do activities that suit your body.
    3. Make a habit of waking up early and run for 30-40 minutes and do some weight training. It betters your body's flexibility.

    Deepika's Diet:
    Deepika follows a strict diet regimen that excludes junk, spicy and oily foods. Her food contains the right balance of proteins and carbohydrates and she avoids non-vegetarian food and rice after sunset.

    She prefers to have small meals more frequently. In between shooting for her films, the "Bajirao Mastani" actor prefers eating homemade food like chapatis, dal, vegetables, salad, etc.

    And not to mention, she drinks a lot of water to maintain a flawless skin. Seasonal fruits, coconut water and fresh juices are also something that keep Deepika fit and running.

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