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Check Your Waist Size, It Tells You About These Diseases

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The normal pair of pants which you had been wearing are not fitting you, and also you are not able to put on the buttons of your shirts. This is a clear sign that your waistline has increased tremendously.

You might feel that the increase in waist size is just normal and caused due to increase in weight. But one needs to keep a track of it, as the increase in waist size can be an initial signal of several health diseases. 

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Several journals have experts saying that the waist size for normal adults - men should not exceed anywhere above 38 inches and for women it should not exceed beyond 33 inches (with exception during pregnancy).

Unhealthy food habits, lack of exercise and irregular sleep patterns are a few among the major causes for an increase in the waist size.

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If you want to be healthy and keep yourself away from the risk of various diseases that might turn fatal at times, then it is necessary to keep the waist size under control. Healthy diet and regular exercise help in this regard.

Here is a list of a few diseases that your waist size can reflect. Take a look.


1. Obesity:

Increasing waist circumference also means that the amount of fat deposited on the waist is on the rise. This makes one obese and puts one at a risk of developing several health issues related to bones and muscles.


2. Heart Disease:

Your waistline also predicts about the risk of heart disease. Increase in the waist size which is mainly due to the fat and calorie deposits leads to an increase in the risk of suffering from heart problems.


3. Diabetes:

If you witness an increase in the waist size then it leads to an increase in the risk of developing diabetes. Also among people who are into the habit of smoking and excess alcohol consumption the risk increases.


4. Liver Disease:

Increase in the body fat and cholesterol that gets deposited on the waist and stomach leads to an increase in the waist size. This poses high risk for developing fatty liver diseases.


5. Hypertension:

Increase in waist size can pose serious risk for one to develop hypertension or high blood pressure, Hence, controlling the waistline is important to prevent high blood pressure or hypertension.


6. Breathing Problem:

When the fat around the waist gets deposited in high amount then there are high chances for one to develop breathing problem. Even if one walks for a brief period he will start panting.



Yet another serious health issue that can arise due to increase in waist size is cancer. A recent study published in a medical journal has revealed that an increase in the waistline leads to an increase in the risk of liver cancer.

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Story first published: Friday, November 4, 2016, 13:30 [IST]
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