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Virabhadrasana Or Warrior Pose For Desk-Bound Jobs

By: Mona Verma

"Veera" means warrior, courageous; "Bhadra" means good, auspicious; "Asana" means posture.

This pose is considered to be the best in strengthening the arms, thighs, shoulders and back muscles.

The pose is named after a fierce warrior Veerbhadra, an incarnation of Lord Shiva. You can relate this pose to strength and courage.

Deskbound jobs are today's jobs which restrict you to the chair and table only. Earlier, people used to commute by trains and buses, and used to walk miles, in order to reach the respective destination.

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warrior pose

But now, because of easy bank formalities, everyone has cars or bike, and their distance is exactly from point A-B. You don't realize its repercussions, but it's actually a slow poison which is eating your body.

Hence, after performing this pose, you won't feel lazy or heavy, sitting at one place. You will feel a bit stronger.

This asana is considered as the most graceful pose in yoga and it adds beauty and grace to the performer. It's basically like adding icing on the cake.

So have a look at the step-by-step procedure to perform the asana and its benefit.

Step-By-Step Procedure To Perform Asana

Step 1. Stand erect, with your legs at least 3-4 feet wide and your hands by your sides.

Step 2. Majority of the people are right-handed, hence tend to begin by their right side first. So, let's assume that you too start with your right leg first, and keep it at 90 degrees and left foot at about 15 degrees.

warrior pose

Step 3. The heel of the right foot should align to the center of the left foot.

Step 4. With your palms facing upwards, lift both your arms to the shoulder level. Make sure your arms are perpendicular to the ground.

Step 5. Just exhale and bend your right knee. Now, just look towards your right by turning your head.

Step 6. Just stretch yourself as much as you can.

warrior pose

Step 7. Imagine yourself as a warrior and gradually push your pelvis down. You must wear a smile while performing any yoga asana. Take deep breaths as you go down.

Step 8. Slowly, raise yourself and come up to the normal position.

Step 9. Now, get your hands down, while getting your neck in the normal position.

warrior pose

Step 10. Repeat the same from left leg now.

Step 11. Perform this asana at least 10-12 times and then relax.

Benefits Of This Asana

• Helps in toning the arms, lower back and legs.

• Increases stamina

• Improves balance

• Extremely helpful for those who have frozen shoulders

• Gives relief from stress and anxiety

• Rejuvenates the body

• Pregnant ladies, who are regular with yoga, should perform this asana in the second and third trimesters.

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• You must consult a yoga trainer or your doctor before performing any asana. Don't practice this pose if you have a spinal disorder.

• Don't practice this asana if you have high blood pressure.

• Knee pain or arthritis patients should also avoid performing this pose.

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