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Trikonasana Or Triangle Pose To Overcome Smoking

By: Mona Verma

Smoking kills! Everybody must be aware of this famous line. The funny part is, it’s mentioned on the cover of the cigarette packet itself, but still, people like to play with their lives.

One butt you inhale carries more than 4000 chemicals, out of which almost 50 can lead to cancer and almost every chemical is harmful for the body.

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According to the recent survey by WHO, 6 million lives are lost due to the consumption of tobacco each year. Many people start smoking as a way of giving company to a friend.

yoga asanas to quit smoking

Gradually, it becomes a habit, which is hard to quit and as a result, they have to suffer a lot. They start happily, but end up in paying a heavy loss for it.

One of the main reasons why the number of smokers are at an all time increase is, a cigarette calms the mind for a few seconds and gives them relief from the stress.

Hence, people cling on to such a habit. You must be wondering how you can be relieved from this habit, aren't you?

Well, Yoga is an answer to it. The Triangle pose or Trikonasana helps you to quit smoking gradually.

Triangle pose, also known as Trikonasana, has been derived from the Sanskrit term, in which “Tri” means three; “Kona” means angle and “Asana” means pose.

This pose helps in toning your legs, along with increasing your stability and reducing stress. Hence, it means an imaginary triangle formed by your body while performing this pose.

Have a look at the step-wise procedure to follow this asana.

Step-By-Step Procedure For The Asana

yoga asanas to quit smoking

1. Just stand with your legs 3-4 feet apart and your arms by your sides. Your heels should be aligned with one another. Concentrate on your breathing and get away from any weird distraction. Just tune into your body and pay attention to your inner consciousness.

2. Keep your right foot at 90 degrees. Your toes should be facing against you. There should be perfect alignment between the centre of your right knee cap and the centre of your right ankle.

yoga asanas to quit smoking

3. Your back foot, i.e., the left foot should be at a 45 degree angle, inwards.

4. Raise your arms side ways, to the shoulder height, being parallel to the floor. Your palms facing the floor, just reach from fingertip to fingertip.

5. Now, exhale and slowly touch your right foot with your right fingertip. Don’t let your torso drop in front. Your right fingertip should be touching the ground and the left palm should be facing the roof.

yoga asanas to quit smoking

6. Your head should move in the direction of your body. Don’t bend it too much, but let it be in the alignment.

7. Maintain this position 1 side for at least a minute. Now, reverse the position and repeat the same on the other side.

Benefits Of This Asana

• Opens the chest and shoulder and also provides relief from lower back pain and stress.

• Strengthens the hips, thighs and back muscles, along with toning the ankles and knees.

• Improves metabolism in the body.

• Helps provide relief from sciatica nerve pain and controls anxiety.

• Maintains a complete balance, both, physically and mentally; and thereby, helps to relieve stress and increases confidence.

When your mind is relieved and the body is nicely relaxed, smoking or any addiction can be kept at bay successful

Hence, there is no rocket science to quit this habit. You can just be happy and without stress and spend quality and quantity time with your near and dear ones.


Those suffering from migraine, neck or back injuries and diarrhoea should not perform this asana.

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