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Top 7 Health Benefits Of Coconut Oil

By: Somya Ojha

Coconut oil has been used extensively worldwide for treating a wide array of health issues. Often classified as a superfood, coconut oil is a powerhouse of essential nutrients and minerals that can prove to be highly beneficial. There's no doubt health benefits of coconut oil are plenty, and we've listed most of them, here.

Over the last few years, several studies have been conducted to find out the health benefits of this remarkable natural ingredient. And researchers have found that coconut oil comprises of healthy saturated fats, fatty acids and several essential nutrients.

So, today at Boldsky, we've brought together a list of top 7 health benefits of coconut oil. Many of these benefits are backed by several medical researches.

Other than being considered good for the heart, it is also known to be effective in improving memory power.

The medicinal and therapeutic properties of coconut oil are well known. That is why, many people have integrated it in their diet to reap the benefits.

However, it is extremely important to consult a specialist before including coconut oil in the diet. Especially, if you're suffering from a health problem, you must check with your dietitian first.

Bearing that in mind, read on to know more about these health benefits.


1. It Can Help Lose Weight

Coconut oil is considered particularly effective in burning abdominal fat. Just a spoonful of this oil is replete with certain fatty acids that can burn belly fat. Integrate it in your diet to fasten the weight loss programme.


2. It Can Boost Immunity

Coconut oil is considered good for strengthening the immune system. Certain properties of this are capable of fighting off the infection-causing bacteria. So, include this in your diet to boost immunity and keep infections at bay.


3. It Can Lower The Risk Of Heart-related Problems

Consumption of coconut oil can effectively raise the level of good cholesterol. Especially, virgin coconut oil is known to possess certain remarkable compounds that can lower the risk of heart-related problems.


4. It Can Help Build Muscles

Several muscle-building products are known to have coconut oil as an essential component in them. A few studies have also found out that other than burning fat, this incredible natural ingredient can help fasten the muscle-building process.


5. It Can Prevent Tooth Decay

Over the last few years, the technique of oil pulling has managed to get worldwide popularity because of its effectiveness in preventing tooth decay and other oral issues. Do this on a regular basis using coconut oil for promoting oral health and keeping infections at bay.


6. It Can Improve Brain Memory & Function

Coconut oil is a powerhouse of nutrients and fatty acids that are known to improve memory and overall functionality of an individual's brain. Including this in your diet can preserve your brain's health.


7. It Can Treat Yeast Infection

The antifungal and anti-inflammatory properties of coconut oil can help treat yeast infection. In addition, it is a good source of protein that can fasten the healing process and prevent the infection from recurring.

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