Surprising Tips To Control Your Cravings For Sweets!

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Are you someone who has a 'sweet-tooth' and constantly craves to eat sugary foods? If yes, then there are a few surprising tips that can help you control your sweet cravings, so that you can get healthier!

As we may know, consuming excess of sweets or sugary foods can be extremely unhealthy, as it can give rise to a number of health complications.

Be it donuts, pastries, homemade sweets prepared during the festivals, sugary drinks - consuming them on a regular basis can definitely put your health at risk!

In fact, research studies have claimed that consuming sugary treats even on an occasional basis can be quite harmful for the body.

Sugar contains a high amount of sucrose and fructose in it, which are compounds known to be harmful for the body, as they are not easily digested.

So, consuming sugary foods on a regular basis can causes ailments like obesity, diabetes, high cholesterol, joint pain, yeast infections and many more!

So, here are a few surprising ways in which you can stop your cravings for sweets, have a look!


Tip #1

Many experts have opined that you must gradually decrease the quantity of sweets that you consume as stopping them at once, can only lead you to binge eat on more sweets!


Tip #2

Another tip to control sugar craving is to drink water each time you feel like eating sweets, as sugar cravings can also be a sign of dehydration.


Tip #3

Ensure that you read the nutrition information of sweet products that you are buying, so that you know how much sugar they contain. This habit may help you consume those sweet products in moderation.


Tip #4

Sweet craving may also be the sign of exhaustion, so you can try getting some rest or eating a healthy salad, the next time you crave for sugar.


Tip #5

Engaging in exercise is also known to suppress sugar cravings, as the endorphins produced during exercise can kill those strong cravings.


Tip #7

Another way to control sugar cravings is to cut back on coffee, as coffee can spike up your blood sugar levels, thus making you crave for sweets.


Tip #8

Make a pact with yourself to indulge in sugary treats just a few times in a month and stick to the resolution!

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Story first published: Tuesday, December 13, 2016, 12:13 [IST]
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