Simple Tips To Avoid Common Cold And Flu!

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If you are someone who is prone to common cold and flu, then it is time you start following certain simple, yet effective, tips that can help you avoid getting common cold and flu!

Described as a disease that is usually caused by virus, flu consists of a number of undesirable symptoms, including common cold, fever, cough, sore throat, muscle pain, fatigue, etc.

Flu is one of the most common diseases that affects people, regardless of the age and gender.

However, people with a weakened immune system, pregnant women, senior citizens and young children are said to be at a higher risk of being affected by flu.

Normally flu is spread by contaminated food, air, water, close contact with an infected person, etc.

Flu can also be a seasonal ailment, and many people may be seen suffering with flu symptoms during the winter months and monsoons, in which the weather is colder.

Flu can be quite dangerous, as it affects various parts of your body, especially if you are affected by it frequently.

So, here are a few simple tips, suggested by experts, which can help you avoid flu and common cold, take a look.

Tip #1

tips to avoid cold and flu

The most effective tip to avoid flu is to get the influenza vaccination by your doctor, as this vaccine can fight deadly viruses effectively!

Tip #2

tips to avoid cold and flu

If you want to prevent flu and common cold, ensure that you wash your hands well before every meal, as you may have come in physical contact with an infected person unknowingly.

Tip #3

tips to avoid cold and flu

Ensure that you consume herbal drinks, teas, etc., every morning, so that your immunity is made stronger, thus giving your body the ability to fight the disease-causing agents.

Tip #4

tips to avoid cold and flu

Another tip to avoid flu and common cold is to avoid eating at your desk while at work because your desk, keyboard, mouse, etc., can contain numerous flu-causing microbes!

Tip #5

tips to avoid cold and flu

If you want to prevent flu, maintain a regular exercise routine, as a research study has concluded that regular exercises can strengthen your immune system.

Tip #6

tips to avoid cold and flu

Always keep a hand sanitiser with you and whenever you feel like you have been in contact with contaminated things/people, use the sanitiser!

Tip #7

tips to avoid cold and flu

Yet another tip to avoid common cold and flu is to take zinc supplements, as zinc can help your body's ability to fight the flu-causing viruses effectively.

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Story first published: Thursday, November 3, 2016, 18:30 [IST]
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