Things That Your Muscles Are Trying To Tell You

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Muscle pain can be caused due to various reasons. If you have been suffering from muscle pain for quite sometime, these are the reasons that could be responsible for it.

Muscle pain may be caused due to a mix of diseases, like arthritis and muscle injury. So before one reaches a decision about the main reason for muscle pain, it is essential to consult a physician. Muscle pain may be healed when detected at an early stage.

causes of muscle pain

The most typical reason for joint and muscle pain is a disorder called Systemic Lupus Erythematosus (SLE). The majority of the patients affected by SLE encounter muscle and joint pains during the course of the sickness. The pain is principally a result of the inflammation of joints and muscles.

causes of muscle pain

Sometimes the signs resemble that of viral influenza, as a severe pain in joints and muscles could make someone feel truly sick. The symptoms at times might resemble those of arthritis, as the joints, that get an aching pain also, get swollen and become tender.

causes of muscle pain

In a few patients the joint pain may not be so severe, but intense muscle inflammation might result in loss of strength. If you come across these symptoms, make sure to go to the doctor and get checked immediately or it might prove to be more painful in the days to come.

Muscle pain may be caused by too much of exercising. If you have been exercising too much, it could result in muscle pain. Give yourself a day or two of rest and see if the muscle pain subsides. If it does, then it must be due to overexercising.

causes of muscle pain

If you suffer from muscle pain check if you have pulled a muscle. If you have pulled a muscle, you will start suffering from muscle pain seventy two hours after the incident.

Muscle pain can also be caused due to dehydration. When you do not drink enough water and exercise a lot, or go out in the sun, it can leave you dehydrated. Hence, make sure to drink enough water to avoid cramps and muscle pain.

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Story first published: Sunday, December 4, 2016, 17:30 [IST]
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