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The Actual Problem With Fat

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Fat can kill. Though the body needs some amount of fat, too much of it can kill slowly. The reason why the population all over the world is suddenly conscious about fat is because of the health conditions excess fat could lead to.

Obesity rates are soaring each decade. Though most of the people have become more conscious about health and lifestyle, the figures of deaths caused indirectly by obesity aren't coming down.

So, let us discuss about the problem with fat build up.


Risk #1

When blood clots block blood circulation to the brain, the risk of stroke increases. This risk increases with obesity and type 2 diabetes.


Risk #2

Obesity may also raise the risk of cholesterol and the build up of plaque in arteries. Heart issues may soon follow.


Risk #3

When fat accumulates inside your liver, it could cause liver failure. It could lead to a condition known as liver cirrhosis.


Risk #4

Obesity can strain your hip, knees and spine. It could affect cartilage and may cause joint pain.


Risk #5

Belly fat can cause insulin resistance. Spiked glucose levels could cause diabetes. Even the blood vessels in the retina can be damaged.


Risk #6

Many studies say that obesity can increase the risk of colon cancer too. The risk is seen more in obese men.

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Story first published: Tuesday, December 27, 2016, 9:26 [IST]
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