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Make Suji An Essential Part Of Your Diet; Here Are 10 Health Benefits Of This Superfood

By Lekhaka

Suji or semolina, the coarse wheat middlings used for making a variety of food items is a very popular food item in India. Like many other wheat products, suji also contains gluten and hence those who areallergictowheat or are suffering from celiac disease should avoid it.

But otherwise, suji is a universally acclaimed food for its great taste and healthy benefits. It contains B-complex vitamins, including folate and thiamin besides various other mineral nutrients.

Here are some benefits that suji offersto our health:


1. Helps in regulating weight:

Suji is made of durum wheat which keeps you fuller for a long time by taking a long time to get digested and release the energy slowly. In this way, it kills the hunger cravings and helps in regulating your weight by helping you to avoid overeating. You can also have suji in the night as it is a light food and will not push you towards gaining weight.


2. Gives energy:

Suji is a great supplier of energy and helps you avoid feeling lethargic. Have suji dishes with vegetables so that you get a great nourishment.


3. Great aid to the nervous system:

The phosphorus, zinc and magnesium content in suji helps the nervous system.


4. Gives strong bones:

Suji is also great for our bones as it increases their density and keepsthem healthy and strong.


5. Good for heart:

Suji is a great agent for the heart. It protects us against heart diseases. The selenium content in suji prevents infection and strengthens the immunity.


6. Good for overall body function:

The rich nutrient content in suji makes it a suitable food for the overall functioning of the body. The potassium in suji supports functioning of the heart and kidney while phosphorus is needed to metabolise energy. Magnesium in suji is good forthemuscles.


7. Anti-anaemic agent:

Suji contains iron which boosts blood circulation and hence neutralises anaemic tendency.


8. Diet food during illness:

Suji serves as a diet food during illness for both adults and children. It is not just easy to prepare but also easy to digest.


9. Good for diabetics:

Suji is a low-glycemic food and is recommended for those who havediabetes. Besides giving the diabetics regular energy, it also keeps the blood sugar low.


10. Prevents constipation:

The fibre content in suji helps us digest the food easily and have an easy bowel movement as well.

Story first published: Sunday, December 25, 2016, 11:00 [IST]
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