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Symptoms Of Heart Diseases In Diabetic Patients

By: Mona Verma

Diabetes, if ignored or not taken care of on time, can be extremely hazardous. According to a study report, heart attacks can be preventable, if you are attentive.

Also, it was stated in the report that people who are suffering from diabetes, constitute to about 80% of the population, suffer from coronary heart disease (CHD).

Many people who are diabetic don’t show any symptom of heart disease. This is often termed as a silent heart disease.

symptoms of heart diseases in diabetic patients

Patients with diabetes should undergo regular medical checkups, in order to avoid any major problem. Though you can’t go against your destiny, the treatment can still reduce or delay your problems.

The utmost important thing to be followed are to watch out for certain symptoms that shouldn’t be disregarded. Neither should you be careless about them, nor you should be too lazy to ignore them.

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Following are the symptoms which you should not ignore, if you or someone near you face them, have a look:

symptoms of heart diseases in diabetic patients

Coronary Heart Disease (CHD)
Angina, also known as chest pain or discomfort, basically occurs when your heart muscles are unable to receive enough oxygen-rich blood. It is a symptom of CHD.

You may feel too tight, or uneasy, or sometimes feel like squeezing in your chest. This condition may stretch till your arms, neck, back, shoulders and even jaws. You may start with the indigestion kind of a feeling.

One of the factors responsible for such a problem is emotional stress. You may substitute it with muscular pain and ignore it by just taking rest, and again get back to work. NO! It's ideal to see a doctor immediately and not ignore such a pain, in case you're a diabetic.

symptoms of heart diseases in diabetic patients

Other symptoms may include fatigue, over sweating, dizziness, including headache, nausea and weakness.

Now, some so-called busy people don’t realise that they have CHD, until they face a heart attack and put their near ones into a panic situation.

Attack occurs if the coronary artery is blocked, and hence, it also further blocks the blood flow to reach the heart muscles.

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Most common symptom people face is the chest pain or discomfort in the left side of the chest. It is like a fluctuating pain. Feeling can either be mild or severe.

Sometimes, you may feel like a burning sensation in the chest along with shortness of breath and chest discomfort. If you are already a heart patient, then you may face different symptoms.

Diabetes-related nerves interfere with your pain signals in the body, due to which such patients can also face an attack without any symptom.

symptoms of heart diseases in diabetic patients

Heart Failure
This has become the most common feature these days, which is the result of shortness of breath or having trouble in breathing, swelling in your legs, abdomen, ankle and veins.

This is all due to excessive blockage, which doesn’t lead the heart to function properly. Hence, you can feel any kind of an uneasy symptom. Further weakening even worsens the situation.

symptoms of heart diseases in diabetic patients

Diabetic Cardiomyopathy
Diabetic cardiomyopathy can’t be diagnosed at an earlier stage. It is actually very late for the body to react to such a thing.

Largely, diabetic patients with an excessive sugar level are suggested insulin medication or injection, depending upon their level. This symptom may be found in diabetic patients at a later stage.

People think that they are quite active, but you really don’t know, what is happening in the human body system. After 40’s, whether male or female, you ought to get your monthly body checkup done.

Hence, for diabetic patients, it is highly advised to always keep a check on the sugar levels and also go in for certain medical checkups to keep these heart-related symptoms at check. Your heart should be regularly monitored, in order to keep these heart ailments at bay.

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