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Symptoms Of Breast Cancer You Should Not Ignore!

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Being a victim of breast cancer is one of the worst conditions that a woman can face. As soon as one hears about the disease, it sends a chill down the spine.

Before the disease hits you hard and it gets beyond one's control and treatment, there are certain basic symptoms of breast cancer that one can check for. These signs should not be ignored as this might later turn fatal.

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The symptoms of breast cancer are not so significant initially and one might mistake them for some other condition. Hence, this is why majority of women tend to ignore these and by the time the disease is diagnosed, it gets too late.

It is either due to this factor or because people are becoming more conscious about it, the number of breast cancer cases is on the rise. Several medical reports and journals have also pointed out this fact.

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All that one needs to do is a self-examination of the breast at regular intervals. If one finds any slight change in the breast, then it is always good to get it checked and get the necessary medical intervention done.

Few symptoms of breast cancer are listed below. Take a look.


1. Lumps Around The Breast:

The first thing one could notice is a lump-like thing around the breast. It can be seen in either of the breasts or both. This can be found during a self-examination.


2. Slight Hardening Of Breast:

When you do a self-examination of your breast, you can feel that the breast is slightly hard. If this is the condition then you need to get it checked immediately.


3. Breast Pain:

Along with the hardening of the breast, one can also feel some kind of pain in the breast. This pain can occur in one of the breasts or both.


4. Discharge from Nipple:

Normally there are no discharges from the nipples unless you have just delivered a baby. If you notice any kind of discharge from the nipples otherwise, you need to get it checked immediately. It could be a symptom of breast cancer.


5. Change In Nipple Shape:

Women need to check out for the shape of their nipples. If you feel that your nipples are not normal or that it is pulled in, then you need to get it checked without any delay.


6. Change In Texture Of Breast:

If you feel that the skin around your breast is getting thick and hard then it needs to be checked, as normally the skin around the breast is soft.


7. Skin Irritation:

If you are having a kind of skin irritation around the breast then you need to be watchful and get it checked. Skin irritation around the breast is one of the major symptoms of breast cancer.

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Story first published: Wednesday, October 26, 2016, 13:30 [IST]
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