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Can Breast Cancer Recur? Check Out For These Symptoms

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Breast cancer is one of the most dreaded diseases that women fear of contracting. Despite being careful, few women develop it. After diagnosis, these groups of women undergo the treatment and they get successfully treated. But unfortunately there are a few among these women who suffer from the recurrence of breast cancer.

So how can one identify whether the breast cancer is occurring again? Here are a few of the symptoms which tell about the recurrence of breast cancer.

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Every one wishes to throw away the cancer causing cells the very first time they undergo the surgery. But every women would not be that lucky. A certain section of these women will have to bear the brunt again, which, of course, is more painful.

It isn't just the physical pain but the mental trauma they have to undergo would cause them more harm.

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Hence one needs to be very careful after they undergo any surgery for breast cancer (mastectomy or lumpectomy). A regular follow up with the doctor, a proper diet and self examination is a must to prevent any kind of recurrence.

Here are a few common symptoms which show the recurrence of breast cancer. Take a look.


1. A New Lump In Breast:

The first initial symptom one might observe is that of a new lump in the same breast where the mastectomy was done previously. This can be observed by women through self examination.


2. Changes In The Skin Of Breast:

During the self examination one could observe a change in the skin of the breast; then one needs to be careful as this could be a sign of breast cancer recurring.


3. Nipple Discharge:

Even a slight discharge from the nipples following the first breast surgery could be dangerous. It needs to be checked immediately with the doctor whom the women have been consulting.


4.Swelling Under The Arm:

A swelling in the under arms could be a symptom of breast cancer recurring. Even if there is a slight swelling it needs to be carefully examined.


5. Swelling In Your Neck:

Women who come across a swelling in the neck after a couple of months or a year after the breast cancer treatment, should be careful as it could be a symptom of breast cancer recurrence.


6. Persistent Cough:

Following the breast cancer treatment, women need to be very careful. If they have persistent cough then it could be dangerous.


7.Difficulty In Breathing:

For those who have undergone a first set of breast cancer treatment and surgery, if they have difficulty in breathing then they need to get it checked immediately. This could be one of the symptoms of breast cancer recurrence.


8.Weight Loss:

Weight loss is yet another symptom of breast cancer recurrence. Women having recurrence of breast cancer will have a severe loss in body weight.


9. Severe Headache:

Severe headache at regular intervals is one of the most common symptoms of breast cancer recurrence. Hence headache of any kind should not be ignored.


10. Loss Of Appetite:

Watch out for the appetite. If you have a sudden loss of appetite then chances are there that it could be a symptom of breast cancer recurrence.

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Story first published: Friday, October 7, 2016, 9:30 [IST]
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