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8 Amazing Reasons You Should Eat Guavas!

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It's the season of guavas and we can find vendors selling them on the roadside and they are also available across the retail markets. So the next time you go to the market make sure to buy few of those guavas and make it a point to eat them.

Guavas are fruits that have several health benefits and this article will deal with the reasons why one should eat guavas, especially when it is the season.

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Rich in fibre, vitamin C, potassium and magnesium, guavas are also rich in several other nutrients that are essential for human beings. As you cut the guavas the fresh fragrance emanating from it engulfs the entire room. Few people might like its fragrance while few others hate it.

Well, whether you love it or hate it, one cannot deny the innumerable health benefits of a guava. Like any other fruit, guavas should also be eaten in moderation in order to reap the maximum health benefits.

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Guavas can be just cut into pieces and eaten or one could sprinkle a bit of black salt and eat. Also fresh juice can be prepared out of ripe guava and drunk.

Today at Boldsky we have listed about 8 health benefits of guavas. Have a look.


1.Reduces Hypertension:

Guavas are rich in potassium and a few other components that help in maintaining the blood pressure level and thus prevent one from being a victim of hypertension.


2. Helps In Digestion:

Rich in fibres and anti-oxidants, guavas are one of the best fruits that help in digestion. These also help ease constipation and improve the bowel movement.


3. Maintains Cholesterol Level:

Guavas help in maintaining the cholesterol level. It is one fruit that helps reduce bad cholesterol and increases good cholesterol level in the body.


4. Good For Heart:

It helps in maintaining the sodium and potassium content in the body and thus helps in keeping the heart healthy.


5. Helps Strengthen The Muscles:

Guavas are rich in various nutrients like calcium, vitamins and minerals. These help to strengthen the muscles and help prevent quick muscle damage.


6. Helps Boost Immunity:

Rich in vitamin C, guavas help in boosting the immunity level and thus prevent the chances of suffering from common infections like cold and cough.


7. Good For Diabetics:

Guavas contain a lot of fibres that help in maintaining the blood sugar level. Hence it is one fruit that can be eaten by diabetics.


8. Prevents Cancer:

Guavas are rich in antioxidants, flavonoids and phytonutrients. These help in neutralizing the oxygen-free radicals which are the major causes of cancer.

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Story first published: Wednesday, October 26, 2016, 10:30 [IST]
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