7 Causes For Bloodshot Eyes That You Did Not Know!

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Do you feel that your eyes are prone to becoming reddish and bloodshot often? Well, there are a few surprising causes for bloodshot eyes that you must know.

It is said that the first thing people notice about us is our eyes; and if our eyes seem bloodshot and reddish, it may make us look rather sick!

Imagine developing bloodshot eyes before attending an interview, it is definitely not ideal, right?

Bloodshot eyes can be described as a condition in which the white part of your eyes turn red as a result of the blood vessels present in your eyes dilating or swelling up.

Can eye dryness cause bloodshot eyes?

Although a mild case of bloodshot eyes does not really put a person in much pain or discomfort, in some cases, bloodshot eyes can cause a few undesirable symptoms.

Itchiness in the eyes, dryness in the eyes, an abnormal production of eye crust, watery eyes, etc., can be experienced when your eyes are bloodshot due to various reasons.

So, have a look at some of the surprising causes for bloodshot eyes, which are as mentioned below.

1. Not Blinking Often

causes for bloodshot eyes

We may sometimes forget to blink often, especially while working on a computer or when using the mobile. This habit can cause dryness and irritation in the eyes, which can cause bloodshot eyes.

2. Allergy

causes for bloodshot eyes

Seasonal allergy can also cause bloodshot eye, as certain allergens present in the environment, like pollen, can also lead to inflammation of the blood vessels of the eyes.

3. Certain Medications

causes for bloodshot eyes

If you are taking certain strong medications like anti-anxiety drugs, antibiotics, etc., they can cause dryness in the eyes, making them appear bloodshot.

4. Excessive Alcohol Consumption

causes for bloodshot eyes

Alcohol can dilate the blood vessels in your body, so even the blood vessels in your eyes dilate, causing bloodshot eyes, which is why many people notice that their eyes appear bloodshot after a night of heavy drinking!

5. Smoking

causes for bloodshot eyes

Cigarette smoking can cause dryness of the eyes, resulting in the inflammation of blood vessels in the eye, thus causing bloodshot eyes. This can also happen if you are exposed to secondary smoking.

6. Swimming

causes for bloodshot eyes

People tend to develop bloodshot eyes after they come back from a swim, especially in the ocean or in a pool, as the salts and chemicals like chlorine can cause irritation in the eyes causing them to appear bloodshot.

7. Stress

causes for bloodshot eyes

Stress and anxiety can also cause bloodshot eyes, as stress can increase the blood flow to your brain and when this happens, your optic nerves may experience a lot of strain, resulting in red eyes.

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Story first published: Wednesday, November 30, 2016, 11:25 [IST]
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