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6 Fruit Combinations That Are Dangerous For Kids & Should Never Be Mixed

By Sravia Sivaram
Fruit combinations, we should avoid | भूलकर भी न खाऐं फलों के ये कॉम्बिनेशन्स | Boldsky

It is true that fruits are very good for children who are still in their developmental stage, both for physical and mental fitness and well-being. However, you must not turn a blind eye on the kind of fruits that your children usually eat together.

There are certain fruits that must never be eaten together and, as parents, it is your duty to ensure that your child doesn't suffer from the harmful repercussions that can arise due to the consumption of bad mix of fruits.

There are certain fruit combinations that can cause some kind of a discomfort among adults. But when it comes to children, it might even turn out to be fatal.

These fruit combinations might become quite dangerous, and the best you could do is to avoid these bad mix of fruits while serving them to your kids.

Read further to find out what are the different combinations of fruits that must be avoided as soon as possible.

Fruits are definitely a good diet for children, but it is always best to keep a tab on the kind of fruits they eat, especially when combined.


1. Papaya With Lemon:

Papaya and lemon is a deadly combination that can stir problems with the haemoglobin in the blood. It may also increase the risk of anaemia and is a big no-no for children.


2. Orange With Carrot:

This combination induces a great damage to the renal system that gives rise to several other diseases on the go. It also causes heart burn and excess bile reflux.


3. Guava With Banana:

Eating this combination makes both children and adults feel nauseous due to the gases produced in the stomach. Apart from this, it also paves a way for headaches and stomach-related ailments.


4. Pomegranates With Apricots:

This combination of protein-rich fruits with the ones that are rich in sugar might pave a way to several gastric problems. Sugar has a negative effect on the enzymes that digest protein and hence it slows down the process of digestion.


5. Banana And Pudding:

This combination increases the production of toxins in the body for adults and can turn out to be fatal in the case of infants. It also creates heaviness in the stomach and should not be given to toddlers.


6. Orange With Milk:

It is better to stop adding pieces of oranges to your daily bowl of milk cereal or oatmeal. The acid in orange will destroy the enzymes that are responsible for digesting the starch present in the cereal. It may also curdle the milk and enable it to become a mucus-forming substance in the body, which is bad news for your kid's health.

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