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Shhh! Do You Know These Period Facts?

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When you hear the word "period/menses", the first reaction would be quite not so pleasing one. For few of the ladies, it is a happy time but generally most of them crib and suffer a lot from it.

Men tend to be curious to know about what happens during periods. At the same time, they maintain a safe distance from their lady. To break the ice, one of the studies has revealed that when women are on their periods, they tend to turn like men, as the testosterone level is up. However, this does not mean that you act like men typically.

From losing weight to having mood swings and acting cranky, these characteristics are a part of the menstrual cycle. Generally, as the facts are not discussed openly, there is a confusion as to why women still do not know about their body cycle.

There are some more interesting facts that you need to know about periods, so read on as we are here to share some of the fascinating and lesser known facts about your period.


Menstruation Makes You Excited

A woman's body produces less progesterone during this time, this lowers the libido yet it can make women crave for a little bed fun. This is one of the little-known facts about your period.


Amount Of Blood Loss Is Not More Than...

Generally, we assume that during periods we bleed excessively. However, the fact is that the average amount of blood loss is not more than two tablespoons for an entire menstrual cycle. This includes the blood clots as well.


Can Use Tampons And Stay Virgin

A woman can safely use tampons and not destroy or rupture her hymen. The "ONLY" way a woman is not virgin is when she has sex with a man.


Periods Start At The Age Of 12

Gone are the days when girls menstruated in their teens. These days, most of the girls get their periods around the age of 12. This monthly cycle goes on up to the age of 50.


Period Can Change Your Voice

A study has revealed that men can recognise the voice of a menstruating woman when they hear her audio. It is said that a woman's voice is more menacing than normal.


You Can Still Get Pregnant While On Periods

This is unlikely, yet very risky to try, as the sperms can stay alive inside the vagina for at least a week. The risk is more when you have an intercourse at the end of the menstrual cycle.


Days Before Period Mimic Pregnancy

The body of a woman tends to have similar symptoms of pregnancy during her period phase that is tender breasts, bloating, fluid retention, etc. These are the common symptoms that you may face during your periods.

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Story first published: Tuesday, January 19, 2016, 8:05 [IST]
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